CBSE Class 11: Some Basic Concept of Chemistry - Chemical Classification of Matter

In this video we will get to learn about the chemical classification of matter.

Created On: Mar 17, 2015 16:48 IST

In this video we will get to learn about the chemical classification of matter.

  • Chemical classification of matter divides the matter into two parts:

(i) Mixture  and  (ii) Pure substance

  1. Mixture: They contain two or more substances in any proportion. E.g. air is a mixture of different gases like Oxygen (O2), Nitrogen (N2), Carbon dioxide (CO2), water vapours etc.
  • The mixture is of two types:

(i) Homogeneous mixture: The mixtures that have uniform composition throughout. eg. Air is a homogenous mixture of different gases.

(ii) Heterogeneous mixture: The mixture that does not have uniform composition. e.g. oil in water.

  1. Pure substance: They have a definite composition of their constituents. Eg. Glucose contains carbon (C), hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O) in fixed ratio and fixed composition.

Pure substances may be of two types:

(i) Element: It is a pure substance that contains only one kind of atoms. They cannot be broken down into simpler substances by any physical method. Eg.


(ii) Compound: When two or more atoms of different elements combine together they form a compound.

a)      Examples of Element: Cu, Ag, Na, He

b)      Examples of Molecule: H2, N2

c)      Examples of Compound: NH3, H2O

d)      Examples of Organic compound: CH4, C2H6

  • Examples of Inorganic compounds: NH3, HCl

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