College habits that affect your job prospects negatively

Foundation of most bad habits is laid in college years itself and a lot of times, the students do not even know that they possess them.

College habits that affect your job prospects negatively
College habits that affect your job prospects negatively

Everyone has some bad habits. Some people are not punctual while others gossip too much. While these habits do not necessarily make you a bad person, they so give a bad impression to your HR and manager at work. A single habit doesn't usually affect your reputation as an employee but it does make it easy for people to notice your other mistakes and faults. Foundation of most of these habits is laid in college years itself and a lot of times, the employees do not even know that they have these habits and this is exactly where we want to help them out. Here is the list of habits formed in college that can affect your professional career negatively.

Coming late to work or taking breaks that last forever is not something appreciated in an office space. It shows that you do not respect others' time and take things for granted. Coming to office late also shows disrespect towards people who actually make the effort of coming on time. So improve your routine and reach work on time or preferably a little early. This will also help you to sync your task with the rest of the team as you wouldn't be lagging behind because of coming late.

Social media addiction

Social media has completely taken over our lives and going on for even an hour without checking your handles on Facebook and Twitter seems like a task. Social media addiction is a proven deterrent at workplace and it is for this reason that a lot of companies provide limited access or totally block such sites so that employees can focus on work, and work only. In college, with a lot of time to spare, we get used to being on social media all the time. From Snapchat to Instagram, all our accounts are buzzing with notifications from your stories and others. It is essential to get rid of these habits before you join office after graduation because it will give a set a very bad impression in front of the boss and is not something you'd want for yourself.

Bad body language
In college, things like rolling eyes and not maintaining eye contact while having a conversation might not have big implications but in an office space, they gain importance. Actions do speak louder than words at a workplace and you should make sure that yours are appropriate. You might unknowingly do things which are portray you as rude or unprofessional. These things can have a potential negative impact on your career and its advancement.

So many students stay zoned out during the boring classes and are not able to get rid of the habit when they join office as an employee. Staying distracted or zoned out all the time is a bad habit that unfortunately many employees possess. This may stop you from assessing the culture of the workplace, which can damaging to your career.  Workplace have their own culture and style. This includes the official or unofficial dress code, the social atmosphere and hierarchy at work. When you don't pay attention to these small details, it affects your work and overall image in a negative way.

Habit of working alone

Some people have a tendency to work alone and are not that productive as a part of the group. This habit won't take you too far at work. Working independently might be effective when working on a specific project which requires a lot of concentration but usually, it's the team players who. Team-playing includes positive behaviours such as giving credit where it is due, helping colleagues, going out of your way to make a project success. This culmination seems very desirable to the employers and is something which will definitely boost your career.

Waking for nights after nights in college, spoiling your routine and wasting time procrastinating are some of the habits we pick in college and they affect our efficiency as an employer. Bad habits like disorganization, wasting time, and being too talkative are not expected of an employee. A lot of times, people engage in conversations with you because it would be very rude to not do that. They will eventually start ignoring you and that's not the person you want to be. To avoid being ineffective, keep the water cooler talk to a minimum, keep your desk organized and don't spend too much time on non-work-related tasks.

Other than these qualities, misrepresentation, lying and being negative are also habits you must get rid of in college so that they do not prove to be hindrances when you start working.

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