CTET February 2016: English Sample paper

We are providing you the sample paper of the English language for the CTET February 2016, which will help you to prepare for the Exam.

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Sample questions on Language (English) for CTET 2016
Central board of secondary Education (the exam conducting body for (CTET) has notified the date of examination of Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) to be held in February 2016. Candidates are keen to qualify it to be eligible for being teachers (class I to class VIII) in government schools (state governments conduct their own TET exam). On the other hand, it is an opportunity to improve your performance for those who have already qualified it. It is the time to reassess yourself and look back your shortcomings and learn from the mistakes. Language I and language II are two main parts of paper I each comprising of 30 multiple choice questions. Selection of languages is also very important. One should always keep in mind those Languages I and II focus on proficiency and abstracts, respectively. The detailed syllabus of language I and language II have already been discussed in our last articles. In the current article, few sample questions on the Close test, Sequence of sentences and Comprehension are given.

(a) Close test: One of the important parts of language paper (English) is “close test”. The purpose of “close test” is to evaluate the grammar and vocabulary of candidates. In the current article, an example of a close test is given for exercise.

Directions: A passage is given below having few blanks which have been numbered. After the passage, four words for each blank are mentioned against each number. You have to choose the appropriate word for each blank in the context of the given passage.
Passage: -
There is one great …1…… to the village……2….. Mohan lives. A main road runs right…3…….. it. This road carries…4……. of traffic and…5……at night, the noise of the traffic does not stop altogether. Infect, number of people in the village complain that they are often…6……. to sleep because of the roar of the heavy trucks and buses. Mohan is …7….. than some of his friends as he does not live on ……8… main road …9…… in a lane where it is not so…10……
1- (a)- benefit        (b)- disadvantage     (c)-property            (d)- character
2-(a)-by        (b)- on            (c)- where            (d)- in
3-(a)- into     (b)- at             (c)- from              (d)- through
4-(a)- heavy  (b)- lot            (c)- some             (d)- enough
5-(a)- even    (b)- though      (c)- since            (d)- there
6-(a)-put        (b)- unable      (c)- sure             (d)- possible
7-(a)- luckier  (b)- harder       (c)- nicer            (d)- safer
8-(a)-  a         (b)- of            (c)- an                (d)- the
9-(a)- so        (b)- as            (c)- that              (d)- but
10-(a)- smooth    b)- calm      (c)- noisy                        (d)- peaceful

Ans:1 -  b     2 -  c       3 - d       4- b       5- a      6- b       7 - a      8- d       9- d      10- c.

(b) Sequence of sentences:
Type I: In the following question, some parts of a sentence have been jumbled up. You have to rearrange these parts (which are marked P, Q, R, and S) to produce the correct sentence.
P- on business
Q-  whose owner was out of town
R-  who also mentioned the name
S-  of his confused having stolen goods from a grocery shop
(a)- P Q R S
(b)- R S Q P
(c)- R Q P S
(d)- Q R S P
Ans- b
2- Too much of the world-
P- which produces radio and television
Q- it is science
R- by aeroplanes and satellites
S- and which conquers space
(a)- RSPQ
(c)- QRPS
(d)- QPSR
Ans- d
Type II. Each passage consists of six sentences. The first and the sixth sentences are given in the beginning. The middle four sentences in each have been jumbled up. You have to rearrange these sentences (which are marked P, Q, R, and S) to complete the passage.
(1)Sentence 1.  It is a beautiful morning.
 Sentence 6. Some people are swimming in the river
P- children are getting ready to go to their school
Q- some people are going for a morning walk and some are doing exercise.
R- cool breeze is blowing and birds are flying away from their nests.
S-  the sun is rising in the east and the moon is disappearing
(a)- P Q R S
(b)- Q P R S
(c)- S R P Q
(d)- R Q P S
Ans- c  
  (2)   Sentence 1 it is very easy to acquire bad habits.
          Sentence 6.  Every good thing should be done from time to time only.
P- if we do not continue to do it, we feel unhappy
Q- the more we do a thing, the more we tend to like doing it
R- the force of habits should be fought against’
S- this is called the force of habits.
(a)-  P S Q R
(b)- Q P S R
(c)- R P S Q
(d)- S Q R P
Ans- b
Type 3: You are required to rearrange the given sentences to make a meaningful paragraph and the answer the questions given thereafter-
a-The bridegroom was going in a procession to the house of the bride
b-Ram, a gardener’s son, was ones invited to attend the marriage ceremony of his friend
c-The procession consisted of Brahmins, men, women and children
d-There was hardly any person from other community
e-Since he loved his friend sincerely, he attended the ceremony

(a)- abcde
(b)- bcdea
(c)- beacd
(d)- dabce
(e)- badea
Ans- c

(c) Comprehension: Read the following passage carefully and answer the following questions:
If you are going to buy a car, examine carefully the important feature of the model you are considering. Many a buyer of the latest model has got into trouble by buying a car too broad or too long for his garage. Furthermore, a long car is too difficult to manage in the traffic and difficult to park. Another feature is the comfort afforded. Are the seats nice and the durably upholstered? is there enough glass to give the driver a good view in all direction, particularly to the rear? it should be remembered that the heavier a good view in all direction, particularly to the rear? it should be remembered that the heavier and the more powerful a car is, the more expensive it will be to operate. High powered motors require expensive high octane petrol. The greater weight means greater tyre wear and enlarged brakes. The old cliché is still true. It is not the initial cost but the upkeep which matters.
1-The author favours a car with wide glass areas so that the driver can:
(a.)Enjoy the seen outside while driving.
(b.)Have a good view of the rear.
(c.)Roll down the glass panes to get in a fresh air.
(d.)Display his beautiful upholstery with pride.
Ans: b
2. It is very expensive to maintain a large car because it:
 (a) is heavy
 (b) Requires more space for parking.
 (c) needs changing its tyres more frequently.
 (d) Needs more durable upholstery.
Ans: c

3. while buying a car, one should specially consider its:
 (a) price
 (b) maintenance cost
 (c) upholstery
 (d) Brakes
Ans: b

4. According to the above passage, the two factors that the buyer of a new car should keep in mind are:
 (a) its price and size
 (b) its model and upholstery
 (c) Its size and the comfort it offers
 (d) its upholstery and glass area
Ans: c
The above sample questions may be beneficial for candidates to have a look at the type of question in English language. It is clear that one should have command of fundamentals of English language and for that one should practice a lot to improve proficiency. Grammatically, you should be strong (especially for language II) too. All the best for the examination.

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