7 Best Digital Weighing Machines to Help You Accomplish Your Diet Plans

Weighing machines play an important role in helping you to manage your weight. The digital weighing machines are known for their accurate results, special features, and stylish design. Check the details of 7 advanced digital weighing machines. Buy one and get inspired to continue your diet plans.  

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Weighing Machine
Weighing Machine

Weighing machines supposedly become your best friends when you plan on losing or gaining weight. It becomes important that you keep track of your weight once you start following a diet plan. Available under all forms of price ranges, you get ample of options in the market of digital weighing scales.

There are two forms of weighing machines, analog and digital to help you balance your weight. Where analog is known for measuring your weight with the help of interior spring, digital gives you much more definite and accurate results.

Popular in demand, we are giving 7 digital weighing machines which will make your diet plans much more convenient and easy. Go through their prices and specifications in detail.

1. This round shape digital glass weighing scale will help you keep track on your fluctuating weight

Price- Rs. 574

Glass weighing machine

The stylish weighing scale available in the glass body gives you an accurate result. Available at a reasonable price, you can easily use this portable machine with an unbreakable glass body. Apart from looking good in your bathroom, the weighing scale can measure a human body weight up to 330lbs. The digital weighing machine is automatic and starts with just a tap of your foot.


  • The weighing machine has a glass LCD screen to show you clear results
  • It also has a low battery indication
  • The machine has a capacity of 180 kg
  • It is available with an automatic on and off
  • The glass of the machine is thick and unbreakable

 Material- The body of the weighing scale is made of thick and unbreakable glass

Color- It is available in white color

Specification- It has a glass top depth of 4mm

Benefits- Apart from looking stylish, the machine gives you an accurate weight.

Point to note- The weighing scale must be handled with care.

2. The weighing scale has a funky design on it which also gives you a definite measurement of your weight  

Price- Rs. 588

Funky Weighing machine

This stylish piece will be your absolute favorite. Buy this weighing scale at a reasonable price and execute your diet plans successfully. The weighing machine is portable and you can shift it easily from your bathroom to your room without any difficulty. The digital weighing machine runs on battery and can weigh up to 180 kg. The tempered glass is unbreakable and safe to use.


  • It is a digital weighing machine and bet for accurate results
  • The weighing machine is of tempered glass
  • It can easily weigh from 1kg to 180 kg
  • The weighing scale is portable and can be taken to any place as per the convenience

Color- The cartoon design and color will be sent separately

Size- The defined size of the weighing scale is 8 x 10 inch

Material- The weighing scale is of tempered glass material

Battery- It requires 2 x AAA batteries

Benefits- You will enjoy this weighing scale machine for its stylish look as well as for its convenient use.

Point to note- Keep a check on the battery for the regular and convenient use.

3. Weltime has introduced this electronic digital weighing scale will inspire to stick to your diet plans

Price- Rs. 595

Blue weighing machine

The weighing machine with an attractive design will keep inspiring you to continue your diet plans. With an LCD display, the weighing scale shows you a perfect and clear measurement. The portable item can be easily taken to any place as per your convenience and you can easily manage your diet plans at any place and at any time. Buy this weighing scale at a reasonable price and attractive design.


  • The weighing machine is portable and can be used conveniently
  • It has the capacity to weigh up to 180kg and gives the accurate result
  • The weighing machine has an overload indication
  • It comes with digital LCD with which makes the reading easy and convenient  

Color- The weighing machine is transparent and has a colored stripes

Material- It is made of toughened glass

Benefits- The main point of buying this weighing machine is it has a high precision sensor and has an overload indication

Point to note- Make sure that you go through the manual of the weighing machine carefully before using it.

4. Square shaped weighing scale with LCD display is available at a reasonable price

Price- Rs. 699

Black weighing machine

The digital weighing machine with a tempered glass and LCD display will be a perfect choice if you are planning on reducing your weight. While being on a diet, it becomes important to measure your weight on a regular basis. Apart from a stylish look, the weighing scale has auto power on and off mode with the touch of your foot tap. Buy this weighing scale in this shopping season will be a perfect choice for you.


  • The weighing machine operates automatically which makes it convenient to use
  • It also has an overweight indication
  • The LCD display gives you a clear visual display
  • It is light in weight and is portable in nature

 Design- The weighing scale is in square shape

Capacity- The weighing machine has the capacity of weighing up to 180kg

Benefits- Buy this weighing machine at a reasonable price to get the accurate measurement of your weight

Point to note- If your body weight fluctuates frequently, it might get difficult to get an accurate result.

5. Enjoy buying this weighing scale with a quality thick tempered glass

Price- Rs. 749

Rylan Weighing machine

Order this digital weighing scale by RYLAN at a price that will won’t fall heavy on your pocket. The portable and stylish weighing machine will help you in managing your weight and will give you an accurate result. You can use this piece without any worries about breaking it because of its tempered glass. In a square shape, this portable item can be carried to any place at any time.


  • The weighing scale is available with a classic and delicate design and shape
  • The LCD display with light will give you a clear result
  • The automatic shut on and off feature of the weighing machine makes it convenient to use
  • It can weigh till 180 kg and will give you an accurate result

Material- The weighing scale is of tempered glass

Color- It is transparent with a colored strip and elegant design

Benefits- The major benefit of buying this weighing scale is the automated shut on and shut off technology

Point to note- Be careful while carrying or shifting the weighing scale from one place to another.    

6. This digital weighing scale by Hesley will give you an immediate and accurate result

Price- Rs. 880

Hesley weighing machine

The best about buying this weighing machine by Hesley is the step on and read technique. It gives you immediate results and is easy and convenient to use. Apart from the accurate result, the weighing scale also has the features of automated power off and the LED light display which makes it convenient to read. Buy this weighing scale with high precision features and technology from Germany.


  • The measurement range is between 5kg to 180 kg
  • The weighing scale comes with high precision sensors which give accurate results
  • The multifunction includes auto power-off, low battery and overload indication
  • The weighing scale has the LED display which shows clear display

Material- The unbreakable tempered glass of the weighing scale makes it worth in every sense

Color- The weighing scale is available in black color

Measurement- The machine can weigh between 5kg to 180 kg

Benefits- The LED display of the weighing machine makes it easy to read the measurement

Point to note- Make sure to stand in the middle for the correct measurement to avoid the slip.

7. This advanced weighing scale will give your measurement as well as the temperature display

Price- Rs. 1,299

Truth weighing machine

You will love this weighing scale for its attractive design as well as the correct measurement. It gives you instant results with the feet tap and is automatically shut off. The large display on the weighing machine makes it easy to read the result. Buying this advanced weighing scale will be a perfect choice for you along with the advanced features.


  • The weighing scale has an auto-on and auto-off feature which makes it convenient to use
  • It has an overload indicator and low battery indicator
  • The machine can weigh in both pounds and kilograms
  • It has the capacity to weigh up to 180 kg/400 LB

Specification- The weighing scale is available with a USB cable

Benefits- The weighing scale by Dr. Trust is known for reliable readings and specialized features for accurate results.

Point to note- The lightweight machine must be handled with care. Make sure that it is packed in a box when not in use.  

Weighing machines makes it a lot easier to keep track of the fluctuating weight. It is important that before buying one, you must check its features and benefits. Go the details of 7 weighing machines available at a reasonable price and which you won’t mind buying in this shopping season.

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