Dream of getting admission abroad? Here is everything you need to know about the application process

Here are few ways in which you make your application for a course in foreign colleges impressive.

Tips to get admission in foreign countries
Tips to get admission in foreign countries


Getting education abroad has a lot of perks. The name of the university acts as a brand, making it easy for the students to find job and just increases the overall scope of employability. Additionally, it adds to personality development brought about by interacting with people of so many nationalities. Each year a huge number of Indian students send their application to these foreign colleges but only a selected few get the admission. Here are few ways in which you make your application impressive for the people who assess them and will eventually give your name a go ahead for the admission.

Early preparations will be helpful

Shortlist colleges you want to apply for and if you can afford it, go and visit them. You can also go for a summer course at the said university. This will allow you to interact with people there, especially Indian students who can guide you through the entire process of sending applications and getting the admission. By spending time there you will also get to know about the struggle you might come across while staying there.

Maintaining marks is equally important

While it will help to be an all-rounder, maintaining good marks is of utmost importance. You need to pass all your semesters with good marks so that you can claim to be a student who is interested in their course. Other than that, you also need to score well in the entrance exams like TOEFL, IELTS, SAT and ACT. There are coaching institutes for such entrance tests which will help you with everything from written test to interviews etc.

Filling the application

Major chunk of your time of filling application will be spent in writing the essays. Basic sections like personal information, data and school details are not tough to fill. While this is the easiest section to fill out, go slowly. You want to make sure you write everything down accurately. Good, successful essays go through more than three iterations and several edits before they can powerfully emphasise your true strengths. Read directions carefully and before you begin filling out a college application, carefully review all directions. Most applications are similar in that they require the same basic information.

Statements of purpose and personal essays

Statements of purpose (why this course) and personal essays (significant life experiences) are the most crucial part of the application process. These are the write-ups which distinguish you from millions of students who send their application for admission. Give you hundred per cent while writing these essays and proofread them multiple times. You should also ask for help from teachers, friends and relatives and seek their input. Consult as many people as you can so that you have maximum input and your form is better than the rest.

List of achievements

In most college applications, there will be a space to list you're achievements and any notable extracurricular activities. Take your time with this space. Make sure you include any relevant information that will reflect well on you as a potential student. Sports, clubs, the arts, formal organizations, and volunteer work are all good extracurricular activities to include. Try to list anything you've done in your academic career. You do not have to limit your list to college-based extracurricular activities. If you took piano lessons for 8 years from a private tutor, this is worth mentioning. Part time or summer jobs can also help, especially if they were more professional in nature. An internship is definitely worth mentioning on a college application. Achievements are also important. If you've won or placed in any contests, write that down here. If you set any records on a sports team, mention it.

Letter of recommendation

Most college applications require at least a couple letters of recommendation. This is your chance to impress the faculty by showing that there are people who vouch for your hard work and commitment. College applications have different rules for letters of recommendation. While some colleges ask you to send the letters, others demand that the teachers send themselves so that the chances of bluffing are reduced. Make sure you read application directions closely here. It takes time to write a letter of recommendation so inform the concerned people well in advance. This will also enable them to write a good letter and put in their maximum effort. If it's a teacher or a senior from work, choose a person you have worked with closely and in recent past. These people will also be enthusiastic about recommending you. If you have internship or volunteer experience, asking a supervisor or coordinator may be a good idea. This way, colleges can get a sense that you're a hard worker in and out of the classroom.


Don't see the process of filling in the application form a tedious one. You will get to know yourself better while writing the letters and you will get an idea of where you stand when compared with students around the world.

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