eBasta - Digital India Initiative : Interactive Platform for Students, Teachers & Publishers

eBasta is a digital initiative to help the school students create an online bag of e-books which they can access in routine. Find out other uses of eBasta and how it will benefit teachers, parents, students, and publishers of India.

Created On: May 19, 2020 13:11 IST
eBasta Initiative
eBasta Initiative

eBasta is a Digital Indian Initiative launched by Government of India with an aim to inculcate online learning among the students. As the name suggests, ‘Basta’ is a Hindi terminology for school bag. Hence, the name eBasta stand for online school bag for the students. The website is loaded with numerous books for the school students which they can use 24x7 as per their convenience. In this article you will find out answers to four important questions:-

  1. Why use eBasta?
  2. How to use eBasta?
  3. Who will benefit from eBasta?
  4. Cost involved in using eBasta

Why use eBasta?

Under the Digital India initiative, GoI has launched a digital platform to furnish online study material for the school students through which eBook versions will be distributed to the students across India. It is a interactive digital platform where not just students but school Book publishers, School teachers, and etailers can participate to distribute either full-length or sample books.

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Students need not carry the weight of books on their shoulders to school. If the school enables studies through laptops or tablets, they can create their personalized eBasta and access any book any time depending upon the class timetable.

eBasta is available for use on your desktops, laptops, tablets and even on mobile phone in the form of mobile app. You are just one click away to avail the services of eBasta.

eBasta is a rich repository of econtents especially designed keeping in view the needs of the students belonging to all the levels.

Who will benefit from eBasta?

There are 3 major stakeholders involved in using the eBasta platform.

  1. Students – They are the primary beneficiaries for whom the platform is launched. As a student you can easily browse the books you need for you eBasta and put it in the online shopping cart. The books are loaded with interactive content comprising of text, charts, graphics, videos and auxiliary resource.

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  1. Teachers – For the school teachers, eBasta offers numerous advantages. They can pick and organize contents into eBastas according to their teaching methodology and further suggest students on how to organize their eBasta. Teachers can also review, comment, and rate the eContents uploaded on the website. This would build the credibility of the content available for consumption of students. Teachers can also contribute contents for eLearning on the website.
  2. Publishers – Through this collaborative platform, even the publishers will get direct access to interact with the teachers. Publishers will easily be able to reach the schools across the country that have tie-up with eBasta. This platform allows the publishers to register, sell and distribute ebooks & related interactive econtents online. The online delivery of the books will mitigate the obstructions faced in physical delivery of the hard copies. In terms of the scope of improvement, the publishers will receive direct feedback on the econtent from the teachers and the students.

How to use eBasta?

Just like any other easy to use application or website, eBasta also offers ease of navigation to the users.

Users can access eBasta from any android based tablet, mobile phone, etc via eBasta App.

To download the mobile eBasta App click on the direct link provided below:

eBasta Mobile App – Direct Link

If you are a desktop or laptop user, follow the steps mentioned as under:

  1. Create an account as "teacher" in the e-Basta portal.
  2. Click on the “Register” link provided on the official website.
  3. Fill out complete and true personal and professional details to register an account.
  4. Click on ‘Submit’ button.

For Students

Students will find it fun to use eBasta.

  1. There is a “Search e-Content” menu on the website that allows you to find your eBook based on your class and subjects.
  2. Once you select the e-Content, add into your cart and create as an eBasta
  3. After creating the basta, share the name of your customized eBasta with your friends.
  4. Each Basta name is unique as per the unique user ID.
  5. Student can search for that eBasta on eBasta portal and then download it.

Cost Involved

Compared to other platforms the cost of eBasta is quite economical. The cost of eBasta is the total cost of the eContent it carries. Some eContents are free of cost, while others have pricing associated with it. Teachers and Students need to pay the cost of eBasta at the time of downloading their final eBasta.

On successful Order Completion, you get a link to download the eBasta. When you click on the download link, a zip file of the eBasta is generated by the website that you need to save on your device. Unzip this file, and copy all the econtents. Your purchased eBasta, will remain lifelong as a ‘zip’ file in the Order History Page. You can download your eBasta multiple times from the eBasta website.

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