Euthanasia should be legalized or not?

Euthanasia is legal in many countries. Is it right to legalize it? It's a very important topic for group discussions in MBA entrance exams also. Read and find all the aspects of the topic.

Created On: Aug 2, 2014 12:20 IST

Life is the most expensive and luxurious gift that has ever been gifted by God to the creatures of this planet. And we have been blessed with unique qualities like no other creature or species have. But some people are not so lucky to exist and survive due to reasons like severe and fatal diseases, unbearable torture, endless sufferings and pain that cannot be subsided according to them and so they decide to end their lives. This wish results in Euthanasia.

Euthanasia is the practice of termination of life and choosing death for self in order to subside and relieve from pain and sufferings. The voluntary euthanasia is legal in some of the nations like U.S, Canadian Provinces etc but Non-voluntary Euthanasia is always considered as murder and hence illegal everywhere. The point is how much justified and viable is it to consider Euthanasia as legal or illegal.

This may have both the virtues depending upon the situation and prevailing circumstances. It can be considered as legal and hence be allowed as:

1. Death of dignity: Those people who are suffering from unbearable pain heed for death as they want to die in dignity rather than in suffering. Nobody can imagine the pain that they are into and hence if they demand for death to get relieved form pain that is justifiable.

2. Government regulation: It is possible that if made legal, Euthanasia can be misused in wrong and disruptive senses by many people but if there are strict laws governing to the subject of it’s applicability, I think it would be controlled and safely implemented for those who need it.

3. Patient’s choice: It may also be considered as a will of a patient to plead to die looking into the prospect that there is nothing live in his/her life than to die and get peace forever.

But now by all means death of a person who is living due to his wish or plea or someone else’s request all sounds very much unethical and unjustified. How can anyone ask for death? Who has the right to grant the permission? As several such points strike in the mind and it should not be therefore legalized keeping in mind the fact that:

1. Alternatives other than killing: For patients, who ask for death, there may be and in fact there are a number of alternatives available for the treatment of their diseases and merely killing is not essential. We can definitely opt for those options and help him/her lead a better life.

2. Doctor’s role would become very insignificant: In the case of its legality, Doctors would easily make it a decision at will and they will judge if a patient’s illness is curable or not and if he should live or die.

3. It will become uncontrollable: No matter how much you try to monitor and govern it but it would become beyond control as people will follow it all unethically and in wrong sense as well.

4. Killing will become an easy job: If made legal, then killing people will become a much easy job and it will lead to loss of lives at regular intervals all over. The society will fear from people and law both and genocide will also prevail.

In some way or the other we can come at both conclusions as different people from different religion think differently on the issue. Some say it should be legalized rest say it’s a crime but the basic thing lies in the fact that life is not such an easy game to finish just like that and hence the concerned authorities, people and everyone should just think upon it seriously. The other way out is that patients who suffer can’t describe the pain in words and hence they demand for a peace by death. We must come to a common conclusion that can set the myth apart and bring down some real solution to this.

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