Food habits during SSC CHSL exam preparation

In this article, we are going to discuss some healthy food habits that everyone should take care of during SSC CHSL exam preparation and exercise in their daily routine.

ssc chsl preparation tips
ssc chsl preparation tips

During SSC CHSL preparation, you will face high competition and less time to cover all things. Amidst all these things, SSC CHSL aspirants usually skip one of the most important thing. That is-  Healthy Food Habits! If food habits are ignored for long duration, then it can drag you during your preparation phase. Most of the time, Aspirants are stayed out of their home to study for the exam and they have to cook for themselves or eat outside at restaurant, etc. Outside home, you have to take care of your food and other daily needs at your own. Healthy food habits are not only necessary to maintain good physical fitness but also play a vital role during SSC CHSL preparation.

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In this article, we will discuss some healthy food habits that everyone should take care during SSC CHSL exam preparation and practice in their daily routine. Let us have take a look of this in detail-

Balanced Diet

Prepare a balanced diet which is rich in protein, vitamin, carbohydrates and minerals. A balanced diet is very important for SSC CHSL aspirants. This diet should be included in your daily three meals and consumed regularly to keep your body fit and mind alert through a day. Apart from this, try to include a lot of green vegetables and fresh fruits in your daily intake. Green vegetables and fruits aids in improving immunity and boosting strong physique that helps in tackling mental stress. One more important thing is that never escape any meal. Consume every meal as per the designed SSC CHSL timetable.

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Heavy breakfast

It is very common that everybody knows. Breakfast is the very important meal of the day. This is generally ignored by the most of the candidates. Skipping breakfast may save you 20 minutes a day. It appears a very good idea. But doing so consistently will make you fatigue and lethargic all the time. For SSC CHSL aspirants, healthy and complete breakfast is very necessary and common because early in the morning, your brain functions at its full potential. Proper nourishment with healthy food makes it more stronger and faster.

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Eat light and frequently

Heavy meals taken at any time will direct blood flow and energy towards digestion process making you to feel sleepy and fatigue. As you are preparing for highly competitive SSC CHSL exam, your energy needs to be directed towards your brain. Therefore, it is important to induct a small, light and frequent meal-breaks throughout a day instead of binge eating at a time. You can include healthy snacks, mini meals and drinks including tea, coffee, etc. through the day to keep yourself fully refreshed.

Brain boosting foods

Various kinds of foods have different impact on your body and mood. Therefore, it is very necessary for SSC CHSL aspirants to include right type of foods in their daily schedule.  As a rule of thumb, focus on food items that are high in proteins. Proteins are very important as they burn slowly giving a constant source of energy to the body, keeping you full for long time durations. Also, try to include eggs, nuts, curd, cottage cheese and other low-fat items in your daily diet. As far as food items are concerned, eggs, poha, idlis, dosa, dhokla are all light alternatives that can help you during exam preparation.

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Avoid junk foods and beverages

In addition to the above point, SSC CHSL aspirants should try to avoid some food items that have negative impact on mind and body. Carbohydrate is one of them, which is digested very quickly and compel you to eat more frequently. Stay away from sugary and processed items like chocolate, cookies, cakes and candies. You can even exclude caffeine, caffeinated products, rice, potatoes, white flour from your diet if possible.


Water can be your best friend during the preparation and you should keep it with you all the time. Water helps in boosting your mood, better digestion, avoid the deficiency of water in your blood and detoxifying your body. During your preparation, you will sit for 4-5 hours a day and sometimes more. Being dehydrated can make you feel lethargic, irritable and tired. Besides this, it also spoil your concentration and you will feel dizzy most of the time making difficult for you to focus and study well. Water need to be consumed plain and free from impurities. You can add fruit juices, herbal tea or any other relevant combination which better suits you along with water.

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Avoid eating outside

While it may not be possible for some SSC CHSL aspirants to do so, but you should try to avoid eating outside. You can never be sure of the quality and hygiene of the prepared foods. In this context, you can find several cases of food poisoning and contamination in recent past. To avoid such hazardous situation, start cooking at home or get it prepared by a trustworthy person.

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