Group Discussion for MBA Medical research using animals should be banned

Medical research is carried out on animals and is a very common practice in India. Whether it should be banned or should continue? Read to know more.

Created On: Sep 5, 2014 13:10 IST

Medical research is one of those fundamental pieces of work that has no limitations and one can never put an end to it. It continues as and when required on multiple issues, challenges, experiments for purposes of Studies, practical implications and testing the feasibility and viability of new theories and research works.

Most of the times the Medical research is carried out on animals of all categories and they are done for multiple reasons like:

i. Testing vaccine effects
ii. Testing drug effects and ill effects
iii. Testing the viability of newly developed medicines
iv. Practical classes during Medical Studies
v. Testing of the foreign invasion by viruses of diseases and their effects on a living body and so on.

The purpose may be many as the research work in the field of medicine has no limits as we discussed earlier as well but the one thing that is really debatable is the use of animals in the field of Medical Research.

Many people believe that the Medical research using animals should be banned and for some really apt reasons as like:

1. Life is precious: We all see and say that life is precious and so we don’t have any rights whatsoever to kill and manipulate the lives of the mumb animals just for our personal interests and experiments. They also pertain life and by no means that should be altered except naturally.

2. It leads to an Ecological Unbalanced state: Slowly but gradually, the use of animals has increased manifolds for medical researches due to evolution of various new diseases and viruses that infects lives and this has created a tremendous turbulence in the ecological graph on a global level. Many animals have become extinct, many are at the verge of extinction as their prey on which they feed are accounted for the experimental purposes by humans. So, ecological balance has been affected adversely.

3. Unethical practice: It goes without saying that using a life for any personal reason or purpose is unethical whether it be of a person or animal. Everybody has an equal opportunity to live with freedom and no one can hamper or alter the lives in any form.

On the contrary, we may see the fact that it is equally essential to look at the other side of the fact and for some reasons One may say that Medical researches using animals should not be banned as:

1) Testing for curing diseases: It might sound uneven or unethical but practically speaking use of animals in medical researches is perfectly all right as it reflects the true scenario behind newly developed diseases which may prove fatal for humans. So unless and until practiced and experimented we humans can’t resume to conclusion of the disease.

2) Advances in Medical science: To advance in the field of Medical Science it is very essential to carry on experiments on a regular interval so that various results and conclusions which may prove to be utmost helpful in the proper diagnosis and treatment of various newly born deadly diseases and also for a better life prospects.

3) Human life is more precious: It may be a harsh reality but as a matter of fact Human race and human life is declared and proved to be more precious and valuable than the lives of all other animals and hence if for the betterment and improvement of the human life it needs to be catered on the part of life of animals for experiments, researches than it can be done.

There has always been a need of improving, advancing and getting the lives of people to a superior level and also to move ahead in terms of resources, technology and life prospects gradually. For that everything, including the health and safety measures is also equally essential and for that medical research are conducted on animals but then we also must take care that the least harm should be forced on the subject and more focus should be given on carrying experiments and researches on Dead animals, as far as possible.


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