How to Avoid Spelling Mistakes in Bank Exams

In this article, we shall not go into the spelling rules that will add burden to your syllabus but will try some practical methods in which you can remember correct spellings while attempting the bank examinations.

Created On: May 2, 2019 12:05 IST
Improve English for Bank Exam
Improve English for Bank Exam

Spelling mistakes and choosing the correct spelling questions are very common and popular in the competitive   examinations these days. The students who are strong in English are also stumped by these questions because of  peculiar rules of spellings in English. Spellings are for life and you need to understand the logic behind spellings  and read and write as much as possible in English to be acquainted with English spellings.

 How to take care of your spellings?

 Spelling mistake questions are very common in competitive examinations but at the same time, it is also important to know and write correct spellings after you land a job and you are writing something as an official capacity in your place of work.

  •  Try to know the root words: In English, there are often words that have a root word and all the other forms are derived from that particular word only. If you can trace that word and try to remember that, all other forms will be easier for you to remember.
  • Read as much as possible: Some people will say that you need to know the rules of spelling in English but once you are in a job, you are not a student anymore to learn rules and remember them. You need to develop the habit of reading English books and newspapers in order to be acquainted with various words and their spellings so that once you come across that word you are least likely to commit a mistake in spelling the same.
  • Write in English as much as possible: Try to write in English as much as possible so that you are aware of your mistakes as many times as possible. While typing, make the Auto Correct option off so that you can get an idea regarding the wrong spelling you have written and the right spelling of the particular word.
  • Try to relate a word to something you know: This is a mind trick you can apply on your spelling learning skills. You need to attach certain things according to your convenience so that you can remember a particular spelling and whenever you come across that word, you remember the particular thing you have attached to it and can spell accordingly.
  • Try to learn words by making syllables: This is a very effective way to learn spellings since it gives you the chance to break a word into syllables and you can spell the parts easily. This is very easy to do as you do not need to remember the whole word all the time.
  • Practice as much as possible: As in any other case, spellings are also mastered through extensive practice and you can master the art of correct spelling if you are into extensive practice.

Spelling learning is not only memorizing certain rules but it is about developing a culture of learning new words and assimilating them completely. You need to internalize the spellings of words so that you cannot go wrong in any way and you need to make it your habit to learn new words. Do not ever go after memorizing certain rules for English spellings because that is only for exams and your English writing will always be with you for the rest of your life. Learn new words and read as much as possible so that you can learn new spellings as well. And if you are good in drafting letters, you are certainly going to be a favorite with your boss in any government office.

All the best!!

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