How to manage part-time job with academics

If you learn to manage and organize your time efficiently, things will become considerably easy. Here are some things you can do to manage your part time job well with studies.

Sep 8, 2017 15:39 IST
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How to manage part-time job with academics
How to manage part-time job with academics

At some point in college, you might feel like it is getting increasingly difficult to keep your head above water. There's studying to do apart from balancing social life with that part-time job you just need to do because it is so difficult to manage expenses. However, if you learn to manage and organize your time efficiently, things will become considerably easy. Here are some things you can do to manage your part time job well with studies.

Share your schedule with the employer

It is not possible to work your classes around the work schedule but the opposite is totally possible. The employers are mostly ready for such adjustments when they hire students. You can hand them your schedule so that they can adjust your shift according to that. Keep in mind that there should be days where you don't work or study too much and get time for yourself. This will keep you from going insane with the amount of pressure on your brain.

Capitalize on break time
You will be highly surprised to know how much reading and note taking you can accomplish in 15-20 minutes of short breaks you get between classes and during lunch etc. Instead of spending time on the social media, absentmindedly surfing through your timeline, you can utilize it for going through the notes made in the class so that you are up-to-date with what's being taught in the class.

Choose college over job whenever you are presented with choice
Part-time job should always be your second priority because it is college you joined to get education and it is college which will get you your degree. The degree will stay with you all your life and fetch jobs. There is no doubt that college comes above everything and the dilemma between academics and part time job should not even exist ideally.

Make the most of classes
You don't have the luxury of spending hours researching one single topic because of your tight schedule. This makes it essential for you to focus on what you are being taught in the class. Don't spend so much time making notes that you forget to understand what is being taught in the class. In all likeliness, you will not even get the time to go through all your notes. So, make sure you understand concepts rather than writing everything down.

Make a schedule
It will be difficult to manage so many things without a schedule. You need to know what will come after the task you are doing currently. Making a schedule will help you gauge the quantity of work as well, which will help you get a better clarity of what you are getting yourself into and how to manage it better. Growing research suggests that retention and comprehension drop significantly after the first hour of studying. Take this into account when scheduling your study sessions so that you don't burn yourself out and end up wasting time retreading the same material over and over again. If possible, cycle between different course material for an hour at a time.

Avoid getting distracted
You will be surprised to see how much you are able to accomplish by cutting down the amount of time you spend on the internet. Social media consumes time and energy and constant consumption of content also leaves the mind tired, thus making it difficult for it to process other information. This ultimately affects a person's productivity. So, spending too much time on social media will affect both, your academics and the job. Try to cut down the usage of smartphone apps from which you do not gain anything consequential. While working or studying, you should try not to use the technology for entertainment, at all. You are old enough to not require any guidance on this front. You will have to get resist the desire yourself.

Take care of yourself
It can be hard to do when you’re already pushed for time, but sleep is non-negotiable when it comes to feeling and being your best. Aim to get a minimum of 5 hours per night; 6-8 is ideal for the young and the constantly busy. You may have to sacrifice other uses of your time, like unwinding in front of the TV, in order to get the sleep you need. Consider this a bodily necessity, the same as eating and drinking.  Take a short nap sometime during the day if your schedule doesn’t allow you to sleep through the night. 15-20 minutes may be all the you need to refresh your mind and body.

Handling part-time job with academics might seem like a tricky affair, but with just a little bit of organization and self control, you can achieve a healthy balance between the two.

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