How to manage the stress of a bad exam and prepare better for the next exam?

This article discusses about the tips and suggestions which a student must follow after having a bad exam so that he/she may overcome the depression of that one exam and prepare better for the next one coming in line. Learn how the failures can be transformed into success by adopting the positive and can do attitude.

How to manage the stress of a bad exam
How to manage the stress of a bad exam

Be it your CBSE, UP board or any other important exam you talk about, you are already suffering with plenteous exam stress, and then suddenly, the situation gets worse if you fail to do well in any one of the exam papers. It happens many times that even after you prepared hard for an exam, still it went bad for you. Actually, leaving an exam feeling defeated is an awful feeling that all students can relate to. This can be really depressing and if not handled sensibly, may even affect your performance in future. All you need to keep in mind is that every person may have a crappy day now or then and it’s not going to be the end of your life. Instead, you need to come over the situation and make yourself stronger and better prepared for this not to happen again so that one failure may get overcast with the dark clouds of success.

We have compiled a list of few tips or suggestions that can help you get over that one lousy exam and develop a strong sense of determination to compensate the loss of one gloomy day by the brightening success of other days. These tips work fairly well for any exam be it in CBSE, UP board or any other important exam.

Find below the top 5 tips to overcome the stress of a bad exam and prepare well for the coming papers:

1. Promise yourself never to repeat it

This is the first and the most important thing to do after experiencing a clumsy day. Tell yourself that next time you'll be more prepared and more educated to not let the adverse situation come again. For this, study harder and learn as much as you can, leaving no stone unturned. In addition to the subject preparedness, work on the other mistakes you had made in the previous exam. These may include poor time management, wrong selection of questions, attempting the paper out of panic, etc.  Just believe in yourself and make sure you stick to your word.

2. Think positive

This is what can help you rise above the depressing condition. Do not just keep thinking about the failure instead think above it. Bring in the positivity inside you that can help you move ahead with a wide view to success. Just think that it was only a bad day that will not get repeated in future. But always remember, “ Being positive is not ignoring the negative but being positive means overcoming the negative.”


3. Stop discussing about it

This is my own experience which helped me to come out of the depression of a bad exam. Actually, whenever I had a bad exam, I avoided to involve in the post exam discussions. Because, the comparative discussion with friends used to make me more demoralized and worried. I only used to summarise all the mistakes or errors of the past exam, in my mind, so that I won’t repeat those in my coming exams.

4. Get some perspective

It’s okay that you couldn’t give it your best. But just think, it’s one exam, in one subject, in one semester of an entire course. Quite often when an exam goes bad or not as per our expectations, it becomes the only thing we take from the entire course. The wise thing would be to forget about it and learn a lesson for future exams. With this one bad attempt, don’t forget all the other valuable knowledge you gained through having done that subject.

5. Wait for the result to reflect your performance

Sometimes you might be incorrect with your conclusion about an exam and then be pleasantly surprised by your grade when the result is out. It happens with many students who think that what they have written in the exam was not enough or satisfactory to score good points. The bare feeling of scoring low, makes them feel stressed and anxious. Instead of being depressed or worried about the exam, wait for the result to reflect what you have performed.

To end the note what I’ll all suggest you guys is, “ If you think positive, the positive things will surely happen to you. Just a single bad day shouldn’t mean a bad life.”

All the very best!!!

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