Expert Speak – How to pick a successful and satisfying career path?

Picking the right career can be tough and helping others to do can be even tougher? Career counsellor Saurabh Nanda shares with us his motivation to become a career counsellor. He will also tell us how he helps students to pick a career path that leads to happiness.

Created On: Aug 9, 2018 10:59 IST
Modified On: Feb 24, 2020 14:33 IST
Expert Speak
Expert Speak

Career Guide & Psychologist, Saurabh Nanda, in conversation with JagranJosh.

Extracts from the Interview:

Motivations for being a Career Guide:

Saurabh Nanda is often asked about his motivation to be a career guide, thanks to the unusual career path that he has picked. He is an engineer by education as well as a psychologist. Although this combination comes across as unusual to many people, it has been the primary motivation for Saurabh for being a career guide. Just like thousands of students in India, Saurabh also did engineering because of peer pressure. But a few years into his job, he realized that engineering is not something that he wants to do. Despite being good at his work through engineering, he was still not content with what he was doing. This is what led him to search for his passion to be a career guide.

During this transformative journey, he also realized that there are many other students and young professionals who are in the same situation as he was and they need help and guidance to resolve this dilemma. After taking up the role of a career guide, Saurabh has managed to help many students, young professionals and even parents, pick the right path towards not only a successful career but towards a happy and satisfying one.

About the Author:

Mr Saurabh Nanda is a Psychologist, Career Guide and the Co-Founder of ‘The Happy Career Project’. His unique career consulting firm helps students carve a career path that leads them to career growth as well as happiness. Picking the right career can be tough and helping others do the same is even tougher. Saurabh is doing just that.

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