How to prepare for Language 2 for CTET

Language -2 is an integral part of CTET exam. A student is supposed to get certain marks in this section. Here, we have given some important tips about how to score in this section.

How to prepare for Language 2 for CTET
How to prepare for Language 2 for CTET

Here, we are going to discuss about how to score maximum marks in language 2 section of CTET exam?  As we know that this section is very important part of this exam. In order to score maximum in this section, a student is required to be familiar with the syllabus of this section.  Let us have look at the syllabus.

Language – II 30 Questions

a) Comprehension 15 Questions

Two unseen prose passages (discursive or literary or narrative or scientific) with question on comprehension, grammar and verbal ability

b) Pedagogy of Language Development 15 Questions

Learning and acquisition

• Principles of language Teaching
• Role of listening and speaking; function of language and how
• children use it as a tool  Critical perspective on the role of grammar in learning a language
• for communicating ideas verbally and in written form;  Challenges of teaching language in a diverse classroom; language
• difficulties, errors and disorders  Language Skills
• Evaluating language comprehension and proficiency: speaking,
• listening, reading and writing  Teaching – learning materials: Textbook, multi-media materials,
• multilingual resource of the classroom  Remedial Teaching.

For (a) part of the paper, students are advised to go through any basic grammar book and cover all the part of speeches. Practice of various questions will certainly help in improving the accuracy and efficiency. And, for improving comprehension, students are required to develop a habit of reading. This habit will also help them when they will become teacher. The more you read, the better you get in reading comprehension section. So reading is the only solution for this.

For part (b), before jumping into the books one needs to stay and have a serious look at the syllabus.  This syllabus is all about how to teach language to very young students who are in their primary classes.

For making, the study of this section more interesting you can observe kids around you. How they pick up language and how do they learn. By doing this, you can relate the syllabus with the reality. This will help you in learning the subject quickly. And, after covering syllabus, you should for practicing various questions based on these topics.

Final Instruction

A candidate may choose any one language as Language I and other as Language II from the available language options and will be required to specify the same in the Confirmation Page.

These are the following Languages, which can be selected either as Language-1 or Language-2.

English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Garo, Gujarati, Kannada, Khasi, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Mizo,

Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu,Tibetan, and Urdu

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