How to proceed after you get selected in a job interview?

Have you been shortlisted for the job interview? Know what you need to do next?

Created On: Feb 16, 2018 16:19 IST
How to proceed after you get selected in a job interview
How to proceed after you get selected in a job interview

Have you been selected for the post you applied for and now thinking how to get success and growth in the company? Generally, the success and growth of a candidate depend upon his image that he/she builds by taking a certain course of actions. You might be taken wrong if there is anything unprofessional about your behavior. And, it takes time, discipline, and of course luck to rebuild the image once it’s damaged. So, the best way to keep your up to the mark is demonstrating and doing the things in a professional manner. It would help you to gel up with the milieu of the company that could help you to grow as professional in the company. In this article, we have enlisted some certain things that a candidate needs to do after being hired for the job.    

Know the company’s culture

If you don’t know about the vision, target, and financial status of your company then you can’t contribute to the growth and success of the company. On the other hand, it might put you in a bad light if you fail to answer any important question related to your company. It might force your co-workers and manager to build a negative opinion about you that could lead you to failure and depression. So, before joining the company conduct a research about the company. It would help you to know the preference of the company that could help you to figure out what important decisions you need to take at a time. Your co-workers, managers, or employers might observe this, which will help you to build the image of a responsible professional.

Know your job responsibility

You might be given another chance to fulfill your responsibility if you fail to fulfill them at once. But, you might have to face the consequences if don’t know about your responsibilities. In addition, it might build your image as an irresponsible professional that could make it difficult for you to survive in the industry. So, when joining a company know about your job responsibility. It would help you to understand your responsibilities in the company that could help you to efficiently complete the assigned work.    

Complete your assigned tasks on time

You might be assigned to some particular tasks when the interviewer decides to appoint you to the company. It’s golden chance to build your image. If you fail to take advantage of it you might not get an another chance. So,  try to give your best performance within the time the interview gives you to complete the assigned task. It would build your image as an efficient professional that could attract many other opportunities available in the company.

Ask for an offer letter

If you don’t have an offer letter you can’t claim the position you were selected for the job interview. And, you might have to stay unemployed for several months once you leave your current company. So, when an interviewer selects you for the position they are offering you, ask them for an offer letter in a polite way. It would help you to secure your job that could help you touch new heights of the success.

Check your email on daily basis

After being selected for a position, you might receive many emails asking about certain details, or greetings for joining the position in the company. You might be taken wrong if you don’t reply to those emails. In addition, you might lose the chance to know about some particular thing that could badly affect your performance at work. So, begin to check your emails on a daily basis after you’re selected for a position in the company. 


In the competitive corporate world, getting a job and surviving with it is a challenging task; especially during the initial days when a candidate joins a company. But, by knowing the company and job responsibility, completing assigned tasks, attaining an offer letter and checking emails on daily basis, it can easily be done. In this article, we have suggested you about what to do after the selection in a job interview.

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