IAS Prelims 2014: General Studies Paper I: Online Test with Explanation

This article provides information about the online test for IAS Prelims 2014 General Studies I

Created On: Oct 27, 2014 18:50 IST
Modified On: Oct 28, 2014 10:49 IST

IAS Prelims 2014 was conducted on the 24 August 2014. Candidates who are preparing for IAS Prelims 2015 must solve the past years IAS Prelims Questions papers so that can have idea about the patterns and level of difficulty of questions. Candidates should not start preparing and reading books blindly. Preparation without understanding the requirement of IAS Prelims Exam may cost heavily in IAS Prelims Exam 2015.
Here is a good news for those Candidates who did not appear in IAS prelims 2014 for the fear of wasting attempt or those who failed, Jagranjosh.com has launched Online Test of IAS Prelims 2014 General Studies I. This test comprises the questions that  were asked in IAS Prelims 2014.  This online test has been designed to give a real feel of the IAS Prelims Examination. It will provide simulated conditions of Time Limit and One-Third of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted on each wrong answer so that candidates can practice for the IAS Prelims Exam 2015. The Idea behind this online test is to provide simulated conditions, look and feel of the IAS Prelims Exams.
It  requires just two hours from the candidates. This is indispensable for candidates who are preparing for IAS prelims 2015. It not only serves the need of candidates who preparing for IAS Prelims 2015 but also useful for candidates who preparing for various PCS Exams. Since State Public Services Commissions are following the trend set by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) for IAS Prelims Exam. Further, one more benefit of online test of IAS Prelims 2014 General studies I is that  In-depth explanation of questions would be provided to candidates.

Click here to take the IAS Prelims 2014 General Studies Paper I as Online test