IAS Prelims: GS Modern India: MCQ Set I

MCQ would help candidates to understand the pattern of questions from Modern History they are likely to face in IAS Prelims General Studies I

Modern History is of paramount importance for IAS Prelims Exam. Candidates cannot neglect this section of History. Following are some Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) that would help candidates who are preparing for IAS Prelims Exam:

1.Which of following was not recommendation of Motilal Nehru Committee (1928)
A.Establishment of Federal Government
B.Elected Govt. in Provinces
C.Establishment of Dyarchy system
D.Provision of Civil Liberties’
Ans. C

2.In which of following act, amount of one lakh rupees was earmarked for education?

A.Chartered Act 1833
B.Chartered Act 1813
C.Chartered Act 1856
D.Chartered Act 1793
Ans: B

3.Which of following statement is incorrect about the 1857 Revolt?
A.Kunwar Singh revolted from Lucknow
B.This Revolt could not attract Masses
C.Greased Cartridge was immediate cause of revolt
D.Bahadur Shah Zafar was proclaimed as emperor of India in the initial stage of revolt
Ans: A

4.Which of following statement is correct about the Vernacular Press Act?
A.Lord Canning was behind the creation of this act
B.It was created by Lytton and repealed by the Lord Ripon
C.Vernacular Press Act was passed in year 1872
D.All of the above
Ans: B

5.Which of the following is not true of the Cabinet Mission plan ?
A.It rejected the creation of a separate State of Pakistan.
B.It recognized India’s right to secede from the Commonwealth.
C.All members of the Indian Cabinet are to be Indians.
D.It gave scope to the communal representation
Ans:  D

6.The Nehru-Liaqat Pact between India and Pakistan was signed  to solve the problem of:
B.The accession of the Princely States
C.The Border Issues
D.Foreign Relations
Ans: A

7.Main reason behind the Surat Split was:
A.Differences between the Moderate and extremist over the spreading  the movement of anti- Bengal Partition to rest of India
B.Moderate did not want to confine the movement to Bengal.
C.Extremist wanted to confine anti-partition movement to Bengal
D.None of the above
Ans: A

8.In which year Dacca Anushilan Samiti was founded?
Ans: A

9.Which of following statement is/are correct about the Home Rule Movement
A.Idea of Home Rule was suggested by the Anne Besant in Bombay session in 1915.
B.During this movement, Tilak gave statement that ‘ Swaraj is my Birthright’
C.Sindhi Community participated for first time in freedom struggle during the Home Rule Movement
D.All  of the above
Ans: D

10.Which of following statement is / are correct about the Non-Cooperation Movement?

A.Rowlatt Act , Jallianwala Bagh massacre and other forms of oppression were main reasons behind this movement
B.It attracted the masses
C.Chaura-Chauri incident was responsible for withdrawal of this movement.
D.All of the above
Ans: D

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