Important Emails that every professional should know to write

Email has become the most important activity, especially for professionals. It’ll become hard if a professional don’t know what we are enlisting here below.

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Important Emails that every professional should know to write
Important Emails that every professional should know to write

From job search to getting hired and from first day to last day in the office, Emails never leave a professional alone. It accompanies and helps him/her in getting their work done easily, smoothly, and swiftly. Just think, you find your computer isn’t working when you open it on your very first day in the office.  What would happen if you don’t know about the email you need to send to get your issue resolved? Things will obviously become worse.

To know about what emails can easily resolve your problems and ease to your performance in the office and how to write them, have a lookof what we every professional need to know and write.

Introduction email

What is necessary on your first day in the office is to introducing oneself, completely. Suppose, you are hired in an organisation where scores of people are busy in their routine work and it’s not possible for you to introduce yourself to everybody one by one. Then, writing an introductory email can be the best way to introduce yourself to everyone working in your new office. So, formulate a good, positive, and polite introductory email, considering the questions cited below.

Who are you?

What did you do?

Why are you here?

What can you do?

What is your next target?

What do you feel about your new colleagues and seniors?

Email Regarding your daily works

Your first day has been passed, getting acquainted with others in the office. Now, you are on your chair where you have to perform, building the positive environment around you. For this, you would require to inform your boss about your every footstep regarding the completion of the project you are assigned. An morning mail and an evening email can be the best way to do so.

Morning Email

Before diving into your routine task, frame, structure, and send an email your immediate boss, seniors, and superiors, citing the development, current status, and expected time for completion of the project you have been assigned for.  To get your routine completed more smoothly, easily, and swiftly, you can give stretch to your email, including the questions for them to address. 

What portion of the project, assignment, and task you will complete today?

What more help you will require for this?

What problem you might face during this?

What percentage of the total work you have completed?

Evening Email

One day out thirty has passed. Now, you have 29 days to accomplish the project, assignment and task you’re assigned for. It would be smooth, and easy for you to complete it if you are completing your routine task on daily basis. To ask and asses what did you do the entire day in the office, you need to frame, structure, and send at least an email to your boss after completing the targeted routine tasks. Considering the questions we are listing here below can ease you in framing an email for evening.

How much portion of the entire assignment, project, or tasks has been completed so far?

What did you plan for the day?

How much you have accomplished it?

What challenges you have faced during the work?

What help you will require on next day of working?

Issue resolving Email

In an organisation, the problems may cross your paths in many forms. It may be related to your salary, number of days you attended the office, malfunctioning of your computer, and others. You are busy in working and completing your routine task and it isn’t possible for you to address such issues on your own at the same. There are separate departments in your organisation to address the same.

Emails To Human Resource Department

Issue related to salary, increment, attendance, PF, employee welfare schemes, and others are supposed to be addressed be Human Resource (HR) department in every organisation, company, and institution. If you’re going through problem related to anyone out of these, then you would need to write a polite, clear, and requesting email to your HR department, thinking on questions we are enlisting here below.

What is the subject of the email?

Who is authorised to address it? 

What problem you’re facing?

Emails to IT department

Issue such as malfunctioning of your computer system, photo state machine, scanner, and other devices and gadgets that you use for official work are addressed and resolved by IT department of organisation. If anyone out of aforementioned problems is hampering your work and subsequent performance, then write a mail to IT department, keeping your boss in the loop.

What may be the subject of the problem?

Who is capable and authorised to address it?

What is your problem?

Email To Immediate Boss

In a bid to connect boss and management to his/her issue, a professional always requires to keep his/her immediate aware of his/her every official activity. Apart from this, there are few issues, problems and developments regarding which a professional need to send emails specifically to his/her immediate boss. It may problem related to project, work and tasks you’re assigned for or it may be the indiscipline and unprofessional behaviour of one of co-workers. You can communicate your problem, narrating your problem this way.

What is the cause of the problem?

How is it affecting your performance?

How it happened and why?


An Email is like a hot weather friend for a professional who faces different sets of problemsatthe work. It becomes very hard and tough for the professionals who get stuck with problems and don’t know how to resolve them. To help all of them, we have included what can pave way to the solution to their problem in this article.

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