JEE: Study Notes and Important Questions - Integrals

In this article, engineering section of Jagranjosh brings chapter notes of chapter Integrals for JEE Main and JEE Advanced entrance examination 2019. Without knowing the concept of Integrals, engineering aspirants cannot understand some other chapters like Area under curve and Differential Equations.

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JEE 2019: Integrals
JEE 2019: Integrals

Calculus is a very important part in the Mathematics Syllabus of Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). Around 40% of the questions are asked from this part in the JEE Question Paper. The chapter “Integrals” is one of the main chapters of Calculus. Students always get 2-4 questions from this topic in the examination. Here, the subject experts of Mathematics are providing you the chapter notes/study notes of Integrals for upcoming JEE exams. All important concepts, formulae and tips have been included in these notes. Students can study the following topics here:

  • Indefinite integral,
  • Definite integral,
  • Integration using partial fractions,
  • Integration by parts and
  • Properties of definite integral

All the above topics are explained in a very detailed manner. Some solved examples are also given at the end so that students easily understand any topic.

Important Concepts:

Some previous year solved questions are given below:

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