IT industry layoffs: Read how to escape from an endemic depression!

Depression is most common and endemic among those who work in IT industry-an unpredictable domain. Here’s what can be done.

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IT industry layoffs
IT industry layoffs

It’s harsh but true that the future of those who work in IT industry is always unpredictable. The professionals suddenly get unemployed even after catering their services to the company for long. After the job loss, the unemployed professional fall prey to the endemic depression which is most common especially among the professionals working in the IT industry.

To know what should you do after you face layoffs in the industry, keep the reading continue as here we have collected and disseminated the most suitable ways to stay calm, composed, and balanced, even after facing job loss. 

Question the unfair and illegal layoff

Go to the employee agreement which you had signed before joining your duties in your new office and attentively, read the terms and conditions. Well, if there is mention of any terms that bounds you to repay the joining bonus or anything additional especially when the reason of the resignation is irrespective, then try to clear your confusion before resigning from the company. Most of the times, the companies push employees for resignation to save employee bonus, one month salary, expenses, or others. They lay off the employees undermining their performances which hit the confidence of the professionals. Apart from this, this not only affects their professional life but also the personal life. They begin feeling humiliated and become unable to have interaction with their colleagues and co-workers. The laid off professionals face many difficulties especially when they begin searching another job. So, to evade such situation, ask your employer whether or not you are good enough when they decide to lay off you. And during the search of the new job, never say that you are laid off by the company but always say that you have resigned from the organisation. After getting new job, try to boost your confidence.

Maintain records related to your work performance

The employers begin playing politics to reduce the number of the employees when they face financial crisis, recession in their businesses. And to ensure that layoffs are unquestionable, they begin playing politics among their workers. They may label as non performer and subsequently, may expel you from the organisation. For this, they might prepare a false report citing your poor performance and begin pushing you to resign from the organisation. This can create a negative environment around you in which you might be depressed. In such a situation, most of the professional get frustrated and couldn’t maintain balance in their life. This badly affects not only their professional life but the personal life. To evade such and question whether your performance is good enough or not, try to maintain and save the records of the outcomes related to the assignments, projects, or tasks you’re assigned of. And put all the records related to your work performance when they try to label you as a non performer. The records related to your work performance will help you to get another job. So, keep it with you.

Try to expertise in work

Most of the time, the professionals are been laid off in good number, even after working a organisation for so long. They face disappointment, guilt, and shame. After some time, they begin realising that it wasn’t their fault which led to the layoff but of the organisation they were working in. Don’t get disappointed. These are the obvious highs and lows which every professional has to face in their life. As far as career of the professional is concerned, it takes expertise in the work. It doesn’t matter where youwork. So, try to focus only on how efficiently you accomplish the tasks, assignments, and projects you are assigned of. And begin looking for another job with all your expertise, experiences, and knowledge you have gained.


The future of jobs in Information Technology sector is unpredictable due to many factors which plays important role. It brings prosperity not only to the industry or company but also to the professionals catering their services to it when the functioning of the business is profit gaining and smooth. The professional have face job loss when the industry go through the difficult conditions such recession, and financial crunch. They get depressed. To help them, we have tried to provide you all which can help during that time.

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