KVS PRT 22nd December 2018 Questions with Answers

In this article, you will get the answers of KVS PRT 2018 Written Exam held on 22nd December 2018. The Written Exam was conducted in offline mode for 5500 Primary Teacher (PRT) Vacancies for all the subjects including Music in the MCQ format.

KVS PRT 22nd December 2018 Questions with Answers
KVS PRT 22nd December 2018 Questions with Answers


General English

1. Directions: Choose the word most nearly OPPOSITE in meaning to the given word:


(1) Fiction

(2) Imagination

(3) Reality

(4) Lie

Answer: (4)

Directions (2) and (3): Complete the following sentences by using the correct form of the verb with the help of options that follow:

2. The Headmaster ____________ to speak to you.

(1) is wanting

(2) was wanting

(3) were wanting

(4) wants

Answer: (4)

3. He _________ for five hours.

(1) has been sleeping

(2) must had been Sleeping

(3) was sleeping

(4) had slept

Answer: (1)

Directions (4) and (5): In each of the following sentences improve the underlined part with the help of given options:

4. I shall have much pleasure in accepting your kind invitation to dinner.

(1) Can't have much pleasure

(2) I am having much pleasure

(3) I may have much pleasure

(4) I have much pleasure

Answer: (4)

5. No sooner did the police arrived than the robbers made good their escape.

(1) No sooner when the police arrived

(2) No sooner did the police arrive

(3) No sooner the police arrived

(4) No Sooner had the police arrived

Answer: (4)

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6. Directions: The idiom given below is followed by four possible meanings. Choose the correct option:

By fits and starts

(1) irregularly

(2) successfully

(3) incompletely

(4) suddenly

Answer: (1)

7. Directions: In the following sentence, out of the given alternatives choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the underlined word:

His performance in the office is quite superficial.

(1) excellent

(2) shallow

(3) excessive

(4) unnatural

Answer: (4)

8. Directions: In the following sentence, one part may have an error. Choose the one which has the error, if any:

It is high time/that we send/the answer/to this query.

         (1)                   (2)                     (3)                (4)

Answer: (2)

Directions (9) and (10): In the following items a word is followed by four explanatory expressions. Choose the expression which best describes the word:


(1) one who flonts established opinions

(2) one who has no opinions of one’s own

(3) one who holds established opinions

(4) one who is self opinionated

Answer: (3)


(1) drawing out a secret from somebody

(2) comparison that is out of place

(3) statement that is absolutely clear

(4) trade prohibited by law

Answer: (3)

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Part – I

General Hindi

11. निम्नलिखित विकल्पों में से सही वर्तनी वाले शब्द का चुनाव कीजिए:

(1) उज्ज्वल

(2) उज्जवल

(3) उज्वल

(4) उजवल

Answer: (1)

12. 'जल्दी चलो' - रेखांकित अंश में कौन-सा विशेषण है?

(1) परिमाण बोधक विशेषण

(2) अनिश्चय वाचक विशेषण

(3) निश्चय वाचक विशेषण

(4) क्रियाविशेषण

Answer: (4)

13. इनमें से कौन-सा शब्द ‘पर्वत' का पर्याय नहीं है?

(1) भूधर

(2) नग

(3) नभ

(4) शैल

Answer: (3)

14. 'सुख-चैन' में समास है:

(1) कर्मधारय

(2) तत्पुरुष

(3) द्विगु

(4) द्वन्द

Answer: (4)

15. छाती पर साँप लोटना' - मुहावरे का सही अर्थ दिए गए विकल्पों में से चुनिए:

(1) कष्ट पाना

(2) भयभीत होना

(3) साहस का काम करना

(4) ईष्र्या करना

Answer: (4)

16. परिक्रमा' शब्द में उपसर्ग है:

(1) प

(2) मा

(3) आ

(4) परि

Answer: (4)

17. निम्नलिखित में से अशुद्ध वाक्य कौन-सा है?

(1) इस बार फसल अच्छी होगी।

(2) बैठक का समय चार बजकर दस मिनट होगा

(3) जब वर्षा होगी तब देखा जाएगा।

(4) हम सब जा रहे हैं, आप भी चलोगे ?

Answer: (3)

18. 'सिंह वन में रहता है' रेखांकित में कारक है:

(1) करण कारक

(2) कर्म कारक

(3) अपादान कारक

(4) अधिकरण कारक

Answer: (4)

19. 'विद्वान' का स्त्री-लिंग है:

(1) विद्वत्ता

(2) विदुषी

(3) विद्वत्री

(4) विद्वानी

Answer: (2)

20. 'शाखा' का बहुवचन है:

(1) शाखाएँ

(2) शाखियाँ

(3) शाख

(4) शाखें

Answer: (1)

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Part – II

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

21. When was Goods and Service Tax (GST) introduced in India?

(1) February, 2017

(2) April, 2017

(3) July, 2017

(4) January, 2017

Answer: (3)

22. Which of the following gates in the defence wall of Delhi was identified by Ibn-Battuta as the greatest?

(1) Gul darwaza

(2) Budaun darwaza

(3) Delhi darwaza

(4) Mandwi darwaza

Answer: (2)

23. Which of the following is the first State in India that has made roof top rainwater harvesting structure compulsory to all the houses across the State?

(1) Punjab

(2) Tamil Nadu

(3) Kerala

(4) Maharashtra

Answer: (2)

24. The Chipko movement is associated with which of the following states?

(1) Uttarakhand

(2) Chhattisgarh

(3) Madhya Pradesh

(4) Jharkhand

Answer: (1)

25. Who is the founder of Grameen Bank of Bangladesh?

(1) Mohammed Yunus

(2) Mohammed Talib

(3) S.R. Hashim

(4) Mahabub-ul-Haq

Answer: (1)

26. Who was awarded with Jnanpith award, 2017?

(1) shiv Mehta

(2) Krishna Sobti

(3) Ramesh kuntal Megh

(4) Jayantha Mahatab Bora

Answer: (2)

27. Which one of the following rivers flows across China, India and Bangladesh?

(1) Indus

(2) Ganga

(3) Chang Jiang

(4) Brahmaputra

Answer: (4)

28. Which one of the following is not the form of precipitation?

(1) Sleet

(2) Hail

(3) Absolute humidity

(4) Rainfall

Answer: (3)

29. Dipa Karmakar won a gold medal in Gymnastics World Challenge Cup at, Mersiw, Turkey on July 8, 2018. In which event, did she win?

(1) bar event

(2) vault event

(3) parallel bar exercise

(4) floor exercise

Answer: (2)

30. Which of the following Country hosted the Asian Games in 2018?

(1) China

(2) Indonesia

(3) Japan

(4) South Korea

Answer: (2)

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Part – II

Reasoning Ability

31. A solid brick of Gold measuring 18 cm x 48 cm x 16 cm is melted and converted into a cubical shape. An edge of this new shape is equal to:

(1) 24cm

(2) 12cm

(3 18cm

(4) 48cm

Answer: (1)

32. A man is standing near a clock tower. He moves southwards to reach a point 'P’, 8 km from the clock tower. From 'P' he turns right, then moves 6 km to reach a point from 'Q’ he moves to right again and reaches a point 'R’, 10 km from 'Q’. From ‘R' he turns right and reaches a spot 'S', 6 km from ‘R’. How far and in which direction, he is from the clock tower?

(1) 2 km South

(2) 2 km North

(3) 18 km South

(4) 4 km South

Answer: (2)

33. Out the following given four words, one is different from the other three. Select the odd one:

(1) White

(2) Red

(3) Yellow

(4) Blue

Answer: (1)

34. Inder is a man and Sahej is a woman. Sahej's mother is daughter of Inder’s mother’s sister. How is Sahej related to Inder?

(1) Sister

(2) Niece

(3) Grand-daughter

(4) Daughter

Answer: (2)

Answer: (4)

36. Observe the following words carefully:

hopeful, helpful, healthy, healing heating.

If we arrange these words in dictionary order, which one of these will be at the third place?

(1) heating

(2) helpful

(3) healthy

(4) healing

Answer: (1)

Answer: (1)

38. A cube of side 8 cm is painted red on all the sides. It is then cut into smaller cubes, each of side 2cm. How many of these smaller cubes have one or more sides painted red?

(1) 32

(2) 48

(3) 56

(4) 24

Answer: (3)

39. In a certain code language 'PRINCESS’ is written as 'ECINRPTU’. How will you write 'SPICEJET’ in the same code language?





Answer: (4)

40. what is related to the numbers '3, 4, 5’ in the same way as numbers ‘1, 2, 3’ are related to ‘1, 4, 9’?

(1) 3, 16, 25

(2) 9, 16, 25

(3) 3, 6, 11

(4) 3, 8, 25

Answer: (2)

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Part – II

Computer Literacy

41. Thesaurus tool in MS-Word is used for:

(1) Spelling suggestions

(2) Synonyms and Antonyms words

(3) Correcting sentences

(4) Grammar options

Answer: (2)

42. What is common between the following?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest.

(1) All are accessible from dark web.

(2) All are social networking sites.

(3) All are news websites.

(4) All are banned websites.

Answer: (2)

43. Artificial intelligence is the science and engineering for:

(a) making intelligent machines.

(b) making computers think like humans.

Which of the following is the correct option?

(1) Only (b)

(2) Both (a) and (b)

(3) Neither (a) nor (b)

(4) Only (a)

Answer: (2)

44. Which of the following font effect is not available in MS-PowerPoint Font dialog box?

(1) Shadow

(2i Strike Through

(3) Underline

(4) Emboss

Answer: (4)

45. ______ and _________ are the smallest and Iargest font size available in Font Size tool on formatting toolbar in MS-Office.

(1) 8 and 72

(2) 12and 64

(3) 12 and 72

(4) 8 and 64

Answer: (1)

46. Input devices most commonly used on laptops for routine operations are ____________.

(1) Keyboard and Mouse

(2) Keyboard and CD-ROM

(3) Mouse and Pendrive

(4) Keyboard and Screen

Answer: (1)

47. Which of the following features is used to apply motion effects in between a slide exits and another enteres?

(1) Animation Scheme

(2) Slide Design

(3) Slide Transition

(4) Animation Objectives

Answer: (3)

48. Which of the following are Indian IT companies?

(1) Intel and HCL

(2) HCL and TCS

(3) DELL and TCS

(4) Intel and Wipro

Answer: (2)

49. Given the following pairs:

(a) Wi-Fi              -              Modem

(b) Chrome         -              Cable

(c) File                -              Hard Drive

(d) Charging       -              Cable

Which of the above is an odd pair?

(1) (b) only

(2) (c) Only

(3) (c) and (d)

(4) (a) only

Answer: (1)

50. Which of the following option is used to move data from one place to another in a document (MS-Office)?

(1) Paste

(2) Cut and Paste

(3) Cut

(4) Copy

Answer: (2)

Part – II


51. Which of the following are important barriers in the equalisation of educational opportunities?

(a) Differences in economic states of learner

(b) Gender disparities

(c) Common school system

(d) Differences in the standards of educational institutions


(1) (a) and (d)

(2) (a), (b) and (c)

(3) (a), (b) and (d)

(4) (a), (b), (c) and (d)

Answer: (3)

52. Which of the following is not characteristic of the socially and emotionally mature person?

(1) He makes conformity to social expectations his primary goal.

(2) He is relatively free from anxiety and conflict.

(3) He is capable of exercising control in the face of emotional stress.

(4) He has a sense of humour and positive outlook on life.

Answer: (1)

53. What cannot be visualized as a role of the teacher in teaching through problem solving?

(1) Creating the problem situation.

(2 Assist students in perceiving defining and stating the problem

(3) Assist students in finding appropriate solution to the problems.

(4) Create fear free atmosphere in the class.

Answer: (1)

54. The concept of IEP (Individualised Education Plan) is not based on the idea of:

(1) current strengths of the learner

(2) individual goals to be achieved

(3) use of cooperative learning strategy

(4) separating children on the basis or ability grouping

Answer: (4)

55. What is not a major concern or the school on the development of child's language competence?

(1) Issues related to articulation and literacy

(2) Enhancing vocabulary quantum

(3) Ability to use language and create

(4) To think and communicate with others

Answer: (1)

56. What type of efforts are needed to be made in learning of Mathematics in early primary years i.e., upto class IV?

(1) Diagnosing learning difficulties

(2) Providing enrichment programmes

(3) Completing the Course/competencies

(4) Ensuring regularity in attending the class/school

Answer: (1)

57. Which of the following is not a mode of Computer Assisted Learning?

(1) Tutorial

(2) Drill and Practice Session

(3) Modelling

(4) Data Interpretation and Drawing Conclusions

Answer: (3)

58. A school curriculum can be best defined as:

(1) The complete array of the Courses or study

(2) All the materials used to further pupils' activities

(3) A complete set of organised experiences in the school

(4) Sum total of knowledge to be provided to learners

Answer: (1)

59. The most important issue of a multi-level situation is:

(1) seeking cooperation amongst students

(2) Class size exceeding 30

(3) Addressing the learning needs of different level students of different grades simuItaneously

(4) Arranging appropriate TLM

Answer: (3)

60. A chila takes a favourite book and retells the 'story' often by using pictures as cues. At what process/stage/component does she/he demonstrates?

(1) Narrative

(2) Syntactic awareness

(3) Emergent reading

(4) Phonological awareness

Answer: (1)

61. A teacher would become more effective if:

(1) he/she uses good instructional aids.

(2) her/she helps students to ask question.

(a) he/she helps students to achieve mastery learning.

(4) students score high marks.

Answer: (3)

62. Social maturity is best characterized by:

(1) ability to win friends and influence people

(2) a high level or personal adjustment

(3) a high degree of social competence

(4) a high degree of integration of one's a needs and purposes with those of the social order

Answer: (4)

63. Match the two sets. Set - I indicate stages of cognitive development in Piaget’s model and Set - II indicates associated characteristics. Select the correct code to represent your answer.



(a) Sensori-motor

(b) Pre-Operational

(c) Concrete Operational

(d) Formal Operational

(i) Reversible thinking

(ii) Object permanence

(iii) Egocentrism

(iv) Deductive thinking

(v) Repetitive tasks

(vi) Intense self awareness


     (a) (b) (c) (d)

(1) (ii) (iii) (i) (iv)

(2) (v) (vi) (ii) (i)

(3) (v) (ii) (iv) (vi)

(4) (ii) (iii) (iv) (i)

Answer: (3)

64. Which of the following best describes the effect of heredity upon development?

(1) Heredity determines how far we will go

(2) It determines how far we can go

(3) It is the prime determinant of how far we will go

(4) It is the prime determinant of how far we can go

Answer: (2)

65. Identification of learning gaps of children and plugging them is done through:

(1) Team teaching

(2 Reflective teaching

(3) Remedial teaching

(4) Re-teaching

Answer: (3)

66. You have administered a test on Mathematics to class V, most of the student failed in it. You have to construct and administer another test. Which test would you prefer?

(1) Summative test

(2) Mastery tEst

(3) Diagnostic test

(4) Formative test

Answer: (4)

67. Emotional response to symbolic stimuli is primarily the result of:

(1) maturation

(2) learning

(3) adjustment

(4) increased sensory perception

Answer: (1)

68. A generalised view or characteristics that ought to be possessed by women and men is constitutes:

(1) gender roles

(2) gender identity

(3) gender disparity

(4) gender stereotypes

Answer: (4)

69. The best way to handle a wrong response of a student would be:

(1) to explain the subject matter in detail again.

(2) to tell the student that your answer is wrong.

(3) to ask another student to give the correct answer.

(4) to explain and give another chance to give answer.

Answer: (1)

70. Micro teaching is a technique used for:

(1) teaching small sized class

(2) teaching in a simulated condition

(3) preparation of teacher in specific teaching skill

(4) teaching difficult concepts

Answer: (2)

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