You May Travel in these Indian Travel Destinations in Long Weekends in 2019

We have come up with the list of weekend holidays in 2019 and preferred destinations to choose during those weekends.

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You May Travel in these Indian Travel Destinations in Long Weekends in 2019
You May Travel in these Indian Travel Destinations in Long Weekends in 2019

No one can deny the importance of holidays and long weekends every year which we can enjoy with our family and friends. So, how often you say to your inner self:  Enough give me break! If that’s the need of the hour for you, think about taking a leave from work and go for a vacation that can relieve you from the stress of life. Hey, all jacks out there, the year 2019 has some good news for you as this calendar year has many weekend holidays, giving you the space to cut loose and plan your holidays accordingly to let go of the pain of suffering from daily work life.

It’s time to breathe free and get some fresh oxygen that can regenerate the cells of your body with vitality. We have come up with the list of weekend holidays in 2019 and preferred destinations to choose during those weekends.

We are going to provide you enough recreation so that the next time you hit your office floor after a vacation, you can innately say to your boss, “I want to work like a robot”

Now here are some special travelling destinations in India which will revive you with all the new energy and of course knowledge. So, be prepared to travel, enjoy and learn:

January 2019 – List of Holidays

  • January 12, Saturday: Weekend
  • January 13, Sunday: Weekend
  • January 14, Monday: Holiday (Makar Sankranti/ Pongal)

Destination to choose: Rann of Kutch will be the ideal destination list for you during this month as you will able to be a part of 4 month long celebration of Kutch’s traditional ecstasy, music and vivacity. This 4 month festival of celebration starts in November and ends in February, where you can experience life at its fullest. Give your tasteless life a pinch of salt at Kutch’s majestic salt panes.

Bikaner, Rajasthan, will be the arguably best travel paradise to explore during the first month of the year. The camel festival organized by camel owners in this month is a retreat to the eyes as it is filled with mind-blowing camel shows, spreading the magic of colors all-around. Not to forget, the weather and the hospitality of this city is undeniably the best you can expect. A complete delight it will be for you.

February and March 2019 – List of Holidays (Part 1)

  • February 28, Thursday: Restricted Holiday (Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti)
  • March 01, Friday: Take Leave
  • March 02, Saturday: Weekend
  • March 03, Sunday: Weekend
  • March 04, Monday: Holiday (Maha Shivratri)

Destination to choose: February is the valentine’s month, and what better than Goa could attract travellers during this month. Adding more, carnivals and fests are mostly held during this month in Goa. So, if you are looking to chill out amidst night-parties, serene beaches and even solitude (with Goa’s offbeat sites), then make sure to plan your travel well in advance.

March is ideally the best month of the year, blended with the charm of spring and the warmth of early summer. You can either plan a visit to Havlock Island in Andamans to experience the adventure of underwater life and pristine beaches or go north to Shimla to witness the Himalayas in her majestic form.

March 2019 – List of Holidays (Part 2)

  • March 21, Thursday: Holiday (Holi)
  • March 22, Friday: (Take Leave)
  • March 23, Saturday: Weekend
  • Marchl 24, Sunday: Weekend

Destination to choose: Auli in Uttarakhand is certainly the most adventurous yet safe place to visit during the month of March-April. Neither freezing cold nor warm, you can enjoy the weather there and do lots of adventures during this time in Auli. The lush green meadows along-with the snow-clad mountains will keep you involved in the serenity. Don’t forget to do some trekking and paragliding when in Auli.

April 2019 – List of Holidays

  • April 13, Saturday: Weekend
  • April 14, Sunday: Weekend (Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti, Vaisakhi, Ram Navami)

Preferred destination:  You can surely think about going to a trek, and what would better than Triund Trek. Its jw-gropping views of the lofty Dhauladhar ranges and the view of majestic Kangra valley on the other side is a treat for trekkers. If you love to challenge yourself and blend in the lap of nature with its serenity, then plan a trek to Triund for sure.

  • April 19, Friday: Holiday (Good Friday)
  • April 20, Saturday: Weekend
  • April 21, Sunday: Weekend (Easter)

Destination to choose: Here comes a long weekend, and you must do something paramount. Better to start with Panchmarhi close to the wonderful Satpura Tiger Reserve. It is the most serene spot in the country as its majestic hills is surrounded on every side by the satpura range and covered with beautiful 10,000 year old man-made cave shelters and dense forests.

*May, June and July, 2019:

In these 3 months you can’t do much, so it’s better to relax and focus on some work before the jinx breaks.

August 2019 – List of Holidays

  • August 10, Saturday: Weekend
  • August 11, Sunday: Weekend
  • August 12, Monday: Holiday (Bakrid – Restricted Holiday (RH))
  • August 15, Thursday: Holiday (Independence Day/ Raksha Bandhan)
  • August 16, Friday: Take Leave
  • August 17, Saturday: Weekend (Parsi New Year)
  • August 18, Sunday: Weekend

Preferred destination: After early months of 2019 and all the work pressures, you will need a serious break and some solitude. It’s better to plan your trip Munnar, Kerala in the month of August. With its eye-catching tea gardens and spice plantation, you will be able to switch from commercial buildings to the paradise of nature. And, that would feel great! Moreover, the lofty mountains and the drops of rain in August will keep you attached to tranquility and you may return fresh to resume your duties.

August and September 2019 – List of Holidays

  • August 31, Saturday: Weekend
  • September 01, Sunday: Weekend
  • September 02, Monday: Holiday (Ganesh Chaturthi)
  • September 07, Saturday: Weekend
  • September 08, Sunday: Weekend
  • September 09, Monday: Take Leave
  • September 10, Tuesday: Holiday (Muharram)
  • September 11, Wednesday: Holiday (Onam - RH)

Preferred Destination: Dooars in West Bengal will be the ideal destination for you to go during the long weekend of September. It is widely famous for its serene atmosphere and dense forests. This is the best place to visit for nature lovers and adventurers. Don’t forget to spend some exciting time by doing river rafting in Teesta river, elephant and jeep safaris and bird watching.

October 2019 – List of Holidays

  • October 26 Saturday: Weekend
  • October 27, Sunday: Weekend (Diwali)
  • October 28, Monday: Holiday (Govardhan Puja)
  • October 29, Tuesday: Holiday (Bhai Dooj - RH)

Preferred Destination: Though it may sound a bit common, however, we strongly suggest you to plan your trip for Kolkata, the city of Joy. Being in the city will open your imaginative and creative sense as you will be able to witness the flavor of Durga Puja in a whole new way. And, don’t forget to hover over the Bengali foods! Well, that’s irresistible.

*November 2019 –

This is month with no holiday offerings as per the calendar. So, better relax, bundle up your pending work and wait for the next month to do something exciting as sometimes it’s better to spend some time in home with family and friends. So, better use this month’s weekends to connect to your roots and relieve all your tensions.

December 2019 – List of Holidays

  • December 21, Saturday: Weekend
  • December 22, Sunday: Weekend
  • December 23, Monday: Take Leave
  • December 24, Tuesday: Take Leave
  • December 25, Wednesday: Christmas Day (Holiday)

Preferred Destination: Well, well, here comes a long weekend, and you mustn’t waste it. So, better plan for a trip to Sikkim, Lachen, to be precise. The sound-clad peaks and stunning landscapes will leave you bewildered. You will be able to breathe freely amidst this hill station’s natural beauty. And, try to experience the joy of camping, trekking and river rafting other than visiting the famous Lachen Monastery, Gurudongmar Lake, and Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary.

Happy travelling!!!

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