Magnetism and Matter-Important Questions & Preparation Tips

In this article you will get the clue that from where and how the questions are being framed from the chapterMagnetism and Matter

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In this article you will get the clue that from where and how the questions are being framed from the chapter Magnetism and Matter. The experts of have full confidence that you will not miss any of the questions in the board exam as well as in competitive exams from this chapter if you will keep the following terms / question in your mind while studying.


  • Behavior of bar magnet in an external magneticfield.
  • Properties of magnetic lines of field
  • Formula associated when bar magnet is studied as solenoid like
  • Properties of magnet
  • Why a magnet experiences torque in magnetic field
  • Study of magnetic dipole in detail (magnetic field in end on and broad on position)
  • Use of bar magnet
  • What is ideal bar magnet?
  • There is no interaction between poles in ideal bar magnet. Explain
  • Different formulae after cutting the bar magnet
  • Magnetic field induction due to an isolated pole
  • Formula when a bar magnet is converted into circle
  • Earth’s magnetic field or terrestrial magnetic field
  • Definition of angle of dip and angle of declination
  • What is magnetic and geographical meridian?
  • Formula to calculate the angle of dip at a certain place
  • The electrostatic analogy with magnetism


  • Magnetization and magnetic intensity
  • Magnetic properties of material
  • Classification of magnetic material on the basis of magnetic susceptibility (χ)
  • What are the differences between atoms of diamagnetic and paramagnetic material?
  • How can para and diamagnetic material rods be distinguished in magnetic field?
  • What is curie temperature?
  • Relation between magnetic susceptibility of a ferromagnetic substance and Temperature
  • How does magnetic permeability (µ) differ for dia-, para-, and ferromagnetic material?
  • Definition of magnetization (M) and magnetic susceptibility (χm)
  • How does magnetization differ in dia-, para-, and ferromagnetic material when they are placed in an external field?
  • Is the magnetic permeability of a ferromagnetic substance independent of magnetizing field?
  • Relation between relative permeability and magnetic susceptibility
  • The SI unit of magnetic field intensity
  • Explanation of  dia-, para-, and ferromagnetism on the basis of atomic model of magnetism

Go through the some questions given here as example and get an idea that how questions can be framed

Q. the magnetic dipole moment of a bar magnet is 10 amp.mand it is placed in an uniform magnetic field of 20 Tesla such that the direction of magnetic field makes an angle of 300with it’s length. Calculate the possible potential energy of the bar magnet

Q.Calculate the magnetic force between two small bar magnets of magnetic moments m1 and m2 And placed on horizontal axis I the position that their facing poles are apposite

Q.The angle of dip at any place is 300and it’s horizontal component is 0.4 Gauss. Calculate the total earth’s magnetic field

Q. If horizontal and vertical components of earth’s magnetic field are 0.4 Gauss and 0.3 Gauss. Then find the angle of dip and total earth’s magnetic field

Q.Establish therelation between false angle of dip and true angle of dip

Q.Adip circle is free to rotate in a vertical plan at an angle of 300from the magnetic meridian. It isfound that in equilibrium needle makes an angle of 450 with horizontal. Find the true angle of dip at that place


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