MBA in Digital Marketing: Career Options & Prospects

With rising popularity and further diversification of the field of digital marketing, management gurus felt the need of setting up an independent digital marketing specialization for MBA courses.

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MBA in Digital Marketing: Career Options & Prospects
MBA in Digital Marketing: Career Options & Prospects

MBA in marketing was always considered to be one of the most popular specialization options among management aspirants in India. However, with the advent of the digital era in the last decade, the field of marketing has transformed itself drastically to include digital marketing strategies within its fold.

The impact of digital marketing as a field of study has been such that today marketing and digital marketing are termed as two synonymous terms. While the core tenet of both fields remains sale rooted in promotion and sales of products and services in the market; the strategies employed in digital marketing field is vastly different and more effective than the traditional tactics. With rising popularity and further diversification of the field of digital marketing, management gurus felt the need of setting up an independent digital marketing specialization for MBA courses.

Along with creating an alternative academic programme, MBA in digital marketing has also led to confusion among management aspirants, who do not understand the subtle differences between these two fields. To help such students, we have compiled all the necessary information related to MBA in digital marketing in India in the article below:

Marketing v Digital Marketing - Differences

To understand the basic different between the MBA in Marketing management programme and digital marketing MBA course, we have defined and compared the core tenets of these two fields.

Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing


Includes all Advertisement methods

Includes only digital marketing methods


Print ads in magazines or newspapers, posters, radio, television commercials, brochures and billboards

Websites, social networks, banner ads, Google ads, Search results or YouTube videos

Communication / Engagement

One sided information flow from advertiser towards customers

Two-way communication, with participation of both advertisers and customers

Exposure Time

Comparatively less exposure time

Contact time with customer is quite high

Advertising Cost

Too High

Average / Low


Traditional marketing campaigns are planned in well in advance

Can be planned or spontaneous depending upon the need

Looking at the points stated above, aspiring students can understand the scope and viability of MBA in digital marketing as a career opportunity.

Why MBA in Digital Marketing?

This is the biggest and probably the most important question that management aspirants interested in pursuing digital marketing would ask themselves. In fact, many aspirants have also argued that instead of narrowing their scope of study by specializing only in digital marketing, they should opt to take up MBA in marketing. While the argument does sound appealing and logical, aspirants must look at digital marketing from a futuristic perspective. In the past decade, all big business houses have shifted their allegiance from the traditional form of marketing to digital platforms. The major factors that have made digital marketing a big hit include cost-effectiveness, instant response, flexibility, convenience, and effectiveness. Today, the words marketing and digital marketing are used synonymously and in fact, many experts argue that absence of digital marketing strategy and lack of online presence would make customers shy away from them. In simpler terms, Digital marketing has had a very deep and lasting impact on the field of advertising and marketing.

Looking at the presence scenario in the marketing sphere, there is no doubt that that field is going to progress towards digital platforms that require specialized marketing as well as management skills. Therefore, MBA in digital marketing is not only a lucrative and rewarding career option for management aspirants but a future-proof solution that will ensure long-term employability for them.

Scope of MBA in Digital Marketing

Many experts argue that the domain of MBA in digital marketing has been around for almost 10 to 12 years now. But in the case of India, the field still remains in a nascent stage with rapid expansion in the last 2 to 3 years. If we look at a the most simple textbook definition of MBA in Digital Marketing, it translates to the development of management tactics and processes to market goods and services on the Internet. But the field is still in its evolutionary stage and, therefore, evolving by leaps and bounds every day presenting new challenges and excellent opportunities to business organizations. MBA in digital marketing will aim to equip students with the necessary technical foundation and pivotal digital language concepts to tackle these challenges and make optimum use of the opportunities thrown up by this field. The MBA with specialization in digital marketing will help you evolve targeted tactics and digital marketing strategy to measure, evaluate and plan digital marketing campaigns to garner new customers while retaining the old ones. Apart from the core marketing concepts, the MBA in digital marketing programme will also cover topics like:

• Web analytics

• Advertising communication

• Buyer behaviour

• Marketing management

• B2B e-marketing

• Internet marketing strategies

While these are topics that dominate the digital marketing sphere right now, the courses are also expected to advance further to incorporate new and upcoming fields like social media marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing, inbound and outbound digital marketing and content marketing.

Career Options after MBA in Digital Marketing

When it comes to Digital marketing career options, there are many options available to the management professionals, who have specialized in this field. However, in order to keep our discussion focused upon career options available to MBA in digital marketing students, we shall only look at the top three ranking job profiles among them.

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Managers are the buzz creators! They upon available customer behaviour data and carve our marketing strategies for digital platforms to generate consumer interest in the products / services on offer. Some common examples of their work include email marketing, e-Commerce, social media campaigns and social media. Digital marketing managers are one of the fastest growing career options when it comes to digital marketing with 12% expected rise in employment opportunities this year alone. Considering that digital marketing managers work upon creative aspects, technical aspects, operational aspects as well as financial aspects; it is better if candidates have a basic understanding of coding, web design, application development, marketing economics and general managerial aptitude.

Internet Marketing Manager

If you have the aptitude for data collection and processing as well as panache for digital marketing; the profile of internet marketing manager is ideal for you. Internet marketing managers primarily function as market research analysts, who study customer behaviour data to determine potential sale for the products and services on offer. The core job function of internet marketing manager involves collecting data, analyzing consumer behaviour, writing reports and forecasting trends. The core digital marketing concepts covered under this profile include digital media analytics, data mining, SEO and SEM efforts and website analytics. While MBA in digital marketing will surely equip students with basics, but top recruiters also prefer candidates who have special certification for market research and analysis. Some recruiters also prefer their internet marketing managers to be aware of graphics and web design concepts along with the use of open source data mining innovations.

Digital Sales Manager

While this job profile many not directly fall under the purview of digital marketing. But marketing and sales go hand in hand, especially in the digital world and, therefore, many organizations prefer digital marketing management professionals to take up the responsibilities for digital sales. In terms of job profile, a digital sales manager has to look at the economics of the digital trade by analysing data and monitoring the ongoing trends. Digital Sales Managers are responsible for ensuring excellent customer service, determine discount rates to offer on digital properties, monitor overall expenditure of marketing efforts, coordinate business transactions with dealers and distributors. The profile of digital sales managers has come up in a major way with top e-commerce players across the globe as well as in India. MBA in digital marketing prepares digital sales managers by familiarizing them with concepts like eCommerce strategies, operational strategies of online media campaigns, tactics to build an online audience, managing mobile subscriptions, and general website management. Added knowledge of digital media laws, privacy laws, brand management, social media platforms and corporate background with reliable business contacts puts students at an advantage in landing a job as Digital Sales Manager.

Pay Packages offered for MBA in digital marketing

Despite being a relatively new field, digital marketing offers excellent and rewarding career opportunities in terms of remuneration drawn by candidates. On an average, a fresh digital marketing manager draws a package of Rs 4 to 5 Lakhs PA. The salary is expected to grow drastically with experience, skill enhancement and development of corporate profile and business contacts. An experienced digital marketer with more than 5 to 7 year of experience and earn Rs 10 to 12 Lakh package annually in India.

Top Recruiters

Today, digital marketing has become an integral part of every business and, therefore, it may not be right to name a few companies that are known to hire MBA in digital marketing candidates regularly. However, the following sectors have been known to offer the most lucrative and rewarding job opportunities to the students after the completion of management course in digital marketing.


• Retail

• Tourism

• Banking

• Hospitality

• IT and ITeS

• Media

• PR & Advertising

• Consultancy

• Market Research

• Public Sector Enterprises

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