CBSE Class 11 Physics NCERT Solutions: Chapter 9, Mechanical Properties of Solids

Prepare for your annual exams by practicing the NCERT questions for CBSE Class 11 Physics and then refer the NCERT solutions given in this article to assess your learning and understanding about each topic given in the subject.

Mechanical Properties of Solids: NCERT Solutions
Mechanical Properties of Solids: NCERT Solutions

Mechanical Properties of solids describe characteristics such as their strength and resistance to deformation. It describes about the ability of an object to withstand the stress applied to that object. Examples of mechanical properties are elasticity, plasticity, strength, abrasion, hardness, ductility, brittleness, malleability and toughness.

In class 11 Physics NCERT chapter 9, Mechanical Properties of Solids, there are explained some prominent properties and the laws governing these properties. Questions are also asked at the end of the chapter to brief the overall concepts and topics involved in the chapter.

In this article we are providing the NCERT solutions to Class 11 Physics NCERT chapter- Mechanical Properties of Solids.  All these solutions are available in PDF format which you may access totally free of cost.  Our subject experts have reviewed these NCERT solutions to provide you the error free content which will make it easy for you to make an effective preparation for the annual exams.

Students may download all the NCERT Solutions in the form of PDF.

Main topics discussed in Class 11 Physics chapter- Mechanical Properties of Solids are:

  • Elastic behaviour of solids
  • Stress and strain
  • Hooke’s law
  • Stress-strain curve
  • Elastic moduli
  • Applications of elastic behaviour of materials. 

CBSE Class 11 Physics Syllabus 2019 - 2019

Some of the questions and their solutions from NCERT Solutions for Class 11: Mechanical Properties of Solids, are as follows:


Download all the NCERT solutions for Class 11: Mechanical Properties of Solids, from the following link:

Class 11 Physics NCERT Solutions: Mechanical Properties of Solids

Why students should solve NCERT questions?

Solving the NCERT exercise problems will help you

  • clear all the concepts and fundamentals you learned in a chapter
  • familiarise with different types of questions that might be asked in exams          
  • get enough practice which is the key to succeed in Physics exam
  • improve your accuracy and speed

So, to get desired result in exams, it’s very necessary for students to thoroughly solve the questions given at the end of each chapter of the Class 11 Physics NCERT book.

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