NEET PG 2019 Mock Test for Practise Released | Download

NEET PG 2019 Mock Test has been released. NEET PG 2019 Preparation Tips can help you to achieve good rank in the examination. Download NEET PG 2019 Mock Test here.

Created On: Apr 4, 2019 17:12 IST
NEET PG 2019 Mock Test for Practise Released | Download
NEET PG 2019 Mock Test for Practise Released | Download

As we know, the mock tests of any competitive exam are lucrative for better preparation. Students must use these mock papers regularly and they must solve the question paper as per the prescribed exam pattern. It will help in understanding the paper pattern.

Candidates must try to solve NEET sample papers within the prescribed time limit i.e. three hours thirty minutes (3 hours 30 minutes). This will help aspirants to enhance their time management skills.

After solving the mock tests, aspirants should match their answers with the solutions provided below in the mock tests to calculate their probable scores. This will also make them to see which areas they are lacking and need to improve their knowledge. Once the score is calculated applicants can analyses their preparation level and work on the weaker sections.

Importance of Mock Tests

We have explained why mock tests are important, how to practice with mock tests, and how they benefit in the preparation in following points:

  • Time Management

As NTA has not made any change in the syllabus and exam duration, so NEET 2019 will comprise 180 questions to be solved in 180 minutes. This means candidates have to solve 180 questions in 180 minutes which is 1 question per minute. Mock tests will help them to keep an eye on the time management. Apart from the time management, negative marking is another important factor that the candidates cannot undermine in case of NEET 2019.

Mock tests of NEET are structured according to the actual exam pattern. This helps in simulating actual exam day conditions and development of preparation strategies likewise. The pointers given below take into account the viewpoints of experts and toppers and list some of the major benefits that can be derived from solving mock tests.

  • Revision

We cannot underestimate the importance of the revision in any exam. The preparation is a long process. We tend to forget many things in between. Revision keeps entire syllabus fresh in our minds.  Revision not only includes reading same stuff again and again but also it includes Revising Mistakes, revising Bookmarks. While the conventional understanding is that you should spend most of the last 30–45 days revising, this finding indicates that successful doctors start noting things they are weaknesses and revising them right from the start. For example, you could start with 95% study, 5% revision the first month and go on to 5% study and 95% revision in the last month.

  • Finding weaknesses

Everyone knows that time is your scarcest resource. It is hard to do the 100,000+ MCQs available for free on the Pre-PG app. We designed our adaptive system to solve this problem. We help you focus on the ~40% of MCQs that will help you improve on your weaknesses.

Since your weaknesses are unique to you, you should focus on the 40,000 questions that are personalized for you. The need for personalization is the reason why it does not make sense for everyone just to practice the same 30,000 “high yield” questions.

  • Making your own Notes

Students must make their own notes and also practice the last years MCQs. Taking thorough notes is one consistent habit that all the successful doctors we talked to applied. Generic notes will get you about 40% there, but you need to personalize notes to target your weaknesses.

While practicing MCQs, you should add a bookmark to any question that has a useful point that could be a point of confusion for you. Go back to these bookmarked MCQs and explanations at least once in 2 days and synthesize them to notes, only writing down what matters.

  • Solve previous years’ papers as well

Apart from solving mock tests, students are advised to solve previous year question papers. As mock tests give you new perspective to deal with the exam the previous year’s paper help you in realizing the actual exam. Experts recommend that students solve papers from several previous years of not only NEET PG but also other entrance exams. It is recommended that students should take at least 15 mocks and previous 12 years’ papers before the final exam and follow them up with performance analysis.

  • Practice mock tests of different kinds

There are many types of mock tests. Some Mock tests are based on topic wise and some are full-length mock tests. Aspirants must try and solve as many different types of mock tests for NEET 2019, as befitting their individual situations.

Specific questions related to a subject or topic can be practiced from question banks to solidify one’s concept and develop expertise. Solving mocks subject-wise will help aspirants excel every subject individually. For NEET PG 2019 preparation, practicing full length mocks is also equally important. The benefits of practicing mocks cannot be fully realized until one focuses on full-length mock tests.

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