SBI PO Prelims Exam 2015: English Language: Concept and Sample Question: Sentence Fillers

The banking team of has come up with concept and sample questions for Sentence Fillers. The concept provided by us will help you to understand the topic. The sample questions offered by us are framed by keeping in view need of the question paper.

May 5, 2015 17:33 IST

Sentence Filler is sentence completion with a variance. In a simple sentence completion, you fill the blanks with one of the words given as choices to you. A part of sentence is given which needs to be completed with one of the various sentence parts provided to you as alternatives. We can find a structural clue or a semantic clue or both in the stem part and match the stem with the alternatives one after another.

We may present it as Stem Filler Matching Technique (SFM)

Example: The more we looked at the piece of modern art…

a) It looked better

b) the more we like it

c) we liked it less

d) the less we liked it

e) better we liked it

In the stem part, we have structural clue ‘the more and it is a past tense sentence.

Taking this clue, we can eliminate alternatives (a), (c) and (e).

Now, alternative (b) has ‘the more’ and the alternative (d) has ‘the less’.

The two are correct, but (b) is further eliminated because the filler is in the present tense and the stem is in the past tense.

Hence is the answer.

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