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Staff Selection Commission is ready to organize the written examination for appointing eligible candidates to the various posts.

Staff Selection Commission is ready to organize the written examination for appointing eligible candidates to the various posts. SSC Combined Higher Secondary Exam 2013 is planned to be conducted in month of October/November 2013. The written examination comprises of 4 different sections that are General Awareness, English Language, General Intelligence, and Quantitative Aptitude.

The General Intelligence Section of SSC Combined Higher Secondary Exam Exam that will contain 50 questions from topics like Classifications, decoding, Directions, Blood relation etc., is quite a challenging but are highly important according to the paper. Here, banking experts of have provided description of Analogy chapter to assist you in understanding the concept.


lt is a similarity or comparability between like features of two things on which a comparison may be based. In these types of questions a series of numbers or alphabetical letters or combinations of both are given. The candidate is required to study the pattern and either to complete the given series with the suitable term or to find the wrong term in the series.

Types of Analogy Relationships: Analogy can be classified into various types. Two types are mentioned below-

Type I: Completing the Analogous Pair

In these types of questions, three words are given and two words are related to each other in some way. The candidate is required to find out the relationship between the third and fourth word on the basis of the relationship of the first two words.

Type II: Simple or Direct Analogy

Following example will explain the concept of Simple or Direct Analogy:

Example: Earth is related to Axis in the same way as wheel is related to …..?...

(a) Hub
(b) Scooter
(c) Tyre
(d) Road

Solution: (a) Here the first rotates about the second.

Directions (1-4): In each of the following questions select the related letters/ word/number from the given alternatives.(From SSC Higher Secondary Level Exam 2012)

1. Symphony : Composer :: Painter: ?

(1) Fresco
(2) Colours
(3) Art
(4) Leonardo

2. Elephant : Tusk :: Parrot:?

(1) Quill
(2) Feather
(3) Beak
(4) Spine

3. 27 : 125 : : 64 : ?
(1) 162
(2) 216
(3) 273
(4) 517

4. AB : L : : BC : ?
(1) X
(2) V
(3) Y
(4) W


1. (1) Symphony is a long complex musical composition for a large Orchestra. Composer is used for composing music.
Fresco is a picture painted on a wall or ceiling while the plaster is still wet.
2. (3) Tusk is a pair of very long pointed teeth that projects from the mouth of elephant and other animals whereas Beak is the hard pointed or curved part of a bird's mouth.
3. (2) 216  33 : 53 :: 43 : 63

4. (4)     A    B
             1    2
             L = 12
             B   C
            2    3
            W = 23

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