Tips to avoid a facepalm on Social Media

Save yourself from the risk of being embarrassed on the social media platforms. Read on to find out easy tips that can help you build a noteworthy profile.

Tips to avoid a facepalm on Social Media
Tips to avoid a facepalm on Social Media

With the tremendous outreach of social media, it has become quite vital to understand the way, world operates on social media. Social media platforms are indeed a fun place to share your personal life with the world. However, you can inadvertently go wrong with a single post and can end-up being alienated by your loved ones. On the flip side, your job can also be put on the stake due to indiscreet and mindless posting of opinions and experiences.  

Before you get into the broil due to the far outreach of social media, take a look at these basic social media etiquettes that will save you from an unexpected facepalm:

1. Understand Best Practices of each platform

Once you become the active user of an online social media platform, take a look at its best practices. Stays connected with the updates on regular basis and stay informed with the latest additions on these platforms. Best practises will guide you on making optimum utilisation of the social space. There are specific etiquettes that you must follow when you get associated to a particular audience. Be it instagram, facebbok, twitter, pinterest or any other platform, there is a way they aim to connect world community. Understand the trend and blend accordingly.  

2. Don’t poke or notify your friends/followers unnecessarily

People usually get irked by those who constantly fill their profiles with the notifications to play games or share invites to events and birthday parties. These notifications waste time and disturb them uselessly. Avoid sending notifications to people who do not share interests like yours.

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3. Don’t post out of excitement

When you are inebriated, overly-tired, jet lagged, angry or upset; avoid positing anything on Facebook or Twitter! Your overly emotional state of mind might land you in trouble. You come under scanner for voicing controversial opinions that might hurt sentiments of others. One should not be self-centred when it comes to expressing inert feeling without caring about the other person. Social media should work as a messenger to inform, persuade or publicise information; not a handle to express hatred or content among masses.  

4. Double-check your grammar

Any other aspect can be ignored on the social media platform, but not grammatical errors. If you use a particular language, be it hindi, English, French or any other, make sure that it is grammatically correct. An erroneous sentence undermines your credibility and the information doesn’t appears impactful. You can use Google dictionary or a spell check to reaffirm spellings and grammar if you are unsure about the error free sentence construction.

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5. Be interactive and courteous

How would you feel if you connect with someone after a long time on social channels and they do not respond? It will surely make you feel ignored! As a basic etiquette when you join social media platforms, respond to the post or tweet that people do for you. You can even commence a conversation to connect with your friends/followers. Social media is meant for interacting with people that you found after a while. Don’t make it a dull place. Keep it lively and enjoy the chats.

6. Don’t get into arguments

Social media is not the right place to get into brawls. It is a source of spreading news, information, happy times or latest happenings in your life. If someone has something to share and you do not agree upon it, don’t take it personally. Move on and don’t get into dirty arguments that spoil your mood. An argument will only bring out the worst in your leisure time. People usually tap the social media button when they have leisure time. Avoid wasting time in meaningless conversation that provoke negative thoughts. 

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Summing up...

Underestimating the power of social media can be damaging for your career! Be wary of the nuances of circulating personal information with proper etiquette while coming in contact with the world. It just takes few seconds for an uncanny post to go viral. So the next time you pick your mobile, respect the sense of humor and follow best practices that do not tarnish anyone’s reputation.

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