UPPSC UPPCS Mains Exam 2008 General Studies II Question Paper

UPPCS aspirants must know the gravity of questions asked in UPPCS Mains Exam in order to score better in all the Question Papers of UPPCS Mains Exam. For this UPPCS aspirants have to explore the trend of asking Questions in UPPCS Mains by analyzing the Previous Year Question Papers of UPPCS Mains Exam. For the convenience of UPPCS aspirants, here we are providing the Previous Year Question Paper of General Studies II of UPPCS Mains Examinations 2008.

UPPCS, the Combined Upper Subordinate Exam of UPPSC is one of the coveted Exams of the state Uttar Pradesh. To know the importance of Previous Year Question Papers of UPPCS Mains Exam is a necessary thing for the UPPCS aspirants of any Exam because the Previous Year Question Papers gives an insight of the Pattern of asking questions. Likewise we use to provide Previous Year Question Papers of UPSC IAS and other State PCS Exams.

If the aspirants have concrete idea of the pattern of asking Questions then they can prepare the respective papers according to that pattern and hence they have greater chance of getting maximum marks. For the convenience of UPPCS aspirants, here we are providing the Previous Year Question Paper of General Studies II of UPPCS Mains Examinations 2008.



[ Time 2 hours, M.M. 150 ]

1. The diagram below shows the number of valid votes obtained by four students who contested for the general secretary of a union. The total num¬ber of valid votes polled was 1440. By how many votes the winner defeated the nearest candidate ?

(a) 40                                      (b) 80

(c) 220                                     (d) 120

2. The arithmetic mean of first eleven natural numbers is

(a) 5.0                                       (b) 5.5

(c) 6.0                                       (d) 6.2

3. Wetland day is observed on

(a) 2nd February                          (b) 2nd April

(c) 2nd May                                (d) 2nd March

UPPCS Mains Exam 2009 General Studies II Question Paper

4. Biochip contains

(a) RNA                                      (b) DNA

(c) RNA and DNA                          (d) RNA, DNA and Protein

5. The Sunrays can penetrate the clear ocean water to a maximum depth of

(a) 200 metres                              (b) 400 metres

(c) 600 metres                              (d) 800 metres

6. Solecshaw is a

(a) Computer Programme

(b) Moon Buggy

(c) Soft sole of a footwear

(d) Solar rickshaw

7. The least distance of distinct vision is (cms.)

(a) 25                                               (b) 5

(c) 75                                               (d) 100

8. The base of Consumer Price Index for industrial workers has been shifted from 1982 to

(a) 2002                                              (b) 2001

(c) 2000                                              (d) 1998

9. Red light is used as danger signal because it

(a) is scattered least.

(b) is comfortable for eyes.

(c) produces least chemical reaction.

(d) absorbed least in air.

10. A myopic eye can be corrected by using a

(a) Convex lens                                   (b) Coneave lens

(c) Cylindrical lens                               (d) Plane Convex lens

11. A sudden drop in atmospheric pressure indicates

(a) storm                                           (b) rain

(c) clean weather                                (d) cold wave

12. The basis of determining dearness allowance to Government employees in India is

(a) National Income

(b) Consumer Price Index

(c) Standard of Living

(d) Per Capita Income

13. Sound above what level (decibels) are considered hazardous noise pollution?

(a) 30 dB                                           (b) l00dB

(c) 80 dB                                           (d) 120 dB

14. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

(a) Goiporia Improvement - Banking Committee Service

(b) Nanjundappa Committee - Railway fare.

(c) Rangrajan Committee - Balance of Payments.

(d) Rekhi Committee - Simplification of Export & Import.

15. Plasma membrane is built up of

(a) Protein                                         (b) Lipid

(c) Carbohydrate                                 (d) Both (a) and (b)

16. In AIDS virus, there is

(a) DNA + Protein                                 (b) RNA + DNA

(c) RNA + Protein                                 (d) DNA only

17. If interest payments arc subtracted from gross fiscal deficit, the remainder will be

(a) Gross primary deficit                         (b) Budgetary deficit

(c) Monetized deficit                              (d) Revenue deficit

18. Which of the following is a common adulterant of mustard oil seeds ?

(a) Prickly seeds                                   (b) Poppy seeds

(c) Cumin seeds                                    (d) None of the above

19. Which of the following disease is caused by Protozoa ?

(a) Malaria                                           (b) Cholera

(c) Jaundice                                         (d) None of the above

20. Which of the following vitamin is effective in blood clotting ?

(a) Vitamin k                                         (b) Vitamin A

(c) Vitamin B                                         (d) Vitamin C

21. Who was the author of the book'' Indian Economy: A Gandhian Blue Print"?

(a) Ch. Charan Singh

(b) Shri Jai Prakash Narain

(c) Dr. Manmohan Singh

(d) Acharya Vinoba Bhave

22. Which of the following is/are a petro plant ?

(a) Jatropha                                          (b) Pongamia

(c) Aak                                                 (d) All the above

23. Mushroom used in curry is

(a) fungus                                              (b) alga

(c) green vegetable                                 (d) flesh of animal

24. National Food Subsidy Mission in India has become effective with effect from

(a) Rabi Season 2007-08

(b) Kharif Season 2007-08

(c) Rabi Season 2005-06

(d) Kharif Season 2006-07

25. MRI is a diagnostic tool, which means

(a) Magnetic Resonance Index

(b) Magnetic Resolution Information

(c) Magnetic Resonance Imaging

(d) All the above

26. Carbon Nano Tubes (CNTS) were prepared by

(a) Fuller                                           (b) Iijiman

(c) Faraday                                       (d) Raman

27. Itai-Itai disease is caused by chronic poisoning of

(a) Mercury                                       (b) Nickel

(c) Cadmium                                      (d) Lead

28. The bear commonly performing on streets is

(a) Sloth bear                                    (b) Sun bear

(c) Brown bear                                   (d) Cat bear

29. The pulse in the human wrist beats

(a) faster than the heart.

(b) slower than the heart.

(c) at the same rate as the heart.

(d) independently of the heart.

30. Which of the following disease is caused by the excessive use of alcoholic beverage ?

(a) Appendicitis                                  (b) Viral hepatitis

(c) Gallstones                                    (d) Liver cirrhosis

31. Which of the following parasites is responsible Tor65% of the cases of malaria in India?

(a) P. malariae                                     (b) P. vivax

(c) P. falciparum                                  (d) P. ovale

32. The strongest muscle in human body is found in

(a) Jaws                                              (b) Thighs

(c) Neck                                              (d) Hands

33. Which of the following minerals is necessary to control heart beat ?

(a) Sodium                                           (b) Potassium

(c) Iron                                               (d) Sulphur

34. Hydrophobia is caused by

(a) bacteria                                          (b) fungus

(c) virus                                               (d) protozoan

35. As per the recommendations of the Twelfth Finance Commission, the revenue deficit of the Centre and States by the year 2009-10 should be

(a) Zero%                                              (b) 1%

(c) 2 %                                                  (d) 3%

36. Which among the following is the largest trading Government Company of India ?

(a) Food Corporation of India

(b) Mineral and Metal Trading Corporation.

(c) Khadi & Village Industries Corporation.

(d) Trade Fair Authority of India.

37. The interest rate at which the Reserve Bank of India lends to Commercial banks in the short-termto maintain liquidity is known as

(a) Interest rate                                        (b) Repo rate

(c) Bank rate                                            (d) Reverse repo rate

38. Which one of the following banks give Long term loans to agriculture?

(a) State Co-operative Bank

(b) Commercial Bank

(c) Primary Credit Society

(d) Land Development Bank

39. In calculation of index of wholesale prices which one of the following sectors is assigned maximum weightage?

(a) Food articles

(b) Non-food articles

(c) Fuel, power, light and lubricants

(d) manufactured products

40. During Tenth Five Year Plan, growth rate was highest in

(a) Pulses and oil seeds                                   (b) Fruits and vegetables

(c) Cereals                                                    (d) Other crops

41. Inclusive growth would necessitate

(a) development of infrastructure! facilities.

(b) Revival of agriculture.

(c) Increased availability of social services such as education und health.

(d) All the above

42. In India, M, includes

(a) Time deposits with banks

(b) Demand deposits with banks

(c) Currency with the public

(d) All the above

43. Poverty in India has been defined in terms of

(a) Standard of living of the people.

(b) Income of the family.

(c) Calorie intake.

(d) Number of members in a family.

44. As compared to revenue deficit, fiscal deficit will always remain

(a) Higher                                                       (b) Lower

(c) Same                                                        (d) All the above

45. Mid-day Scheme was launched in 1995 to promote

(a) Aduh literacy

(b) Universalization of primary education

(c) Secondary education

(d) None of the aboves

46. Under Gadgil-Mukerjee formula, the higher weightage is given to

(a) Performance                                               (b) Per Capita Income

(c) Population                                                  (d) Special problems

47. Fiscal responsibility and Budget Management Actwas enacter in India in the year

(a) 2007                                                          (b) 2005

(c) 2002                                                          (d) 2003

48. The lest term of the series1, 4, 7,......, is 55. The number of terms in the series are

(a) 11                                                              (b) 19

(c) 21                                                              (d) 22

(a) first increases in value then decreases.

(b) decreases in value.

(c) increases in value.

(d) first decreases then increases in value.

50. The next number in the series21,12,11…….is

(a) 11                                                              (b) 12

(c) 21                                                              (d) 13

51. One fourth of the sum of prime numbers, greater than 4 but less than 16, is the Square of

(a) 3                                                                (b) 4

(c) 5                                                                (d) 7

52. The number 729 is the square of

(a) 22                                                               (b) 25

(c) 27                                                               (d) 29

53. If — of a water tank is filled in 15 minutes, the 16rest of the tank will be filled in

(a) 61 minutes                                                   (b) 65 minutes

(c) 79 minutes                                                   (d) 81 minutes

54. Select the odd-one out in the following

(a) Frying                                                          (b) Drying

(c) Sweeping                                                     (d) Crying

55. Two numbers x and y are in the ratio 5 : 7 and their sum is 36. Then x is

(a) 12                                                               (b) 5

(c) 18                                                               (d) 19

57. The sum of all two-digit numbers is

(a) 3999                                                         (b) 4070

(c) 4900                                                         (d) 4905

58. The radius of a circle is increased by 200%, then its area will increase by

(a) 800%                                                        (b) 400%

(c) 200%                                                        (d) 900%

59. Complete the number series from the alternatives given below: 165, 195, 255, 285, 345,?

(a) 375                                                           (b) 390

(c) 420                                                           (d) 435

60. The next number in the following series.35, 32, 34, 31, 33………is

(a) 30                                                             (b) 32

(c)  31                                                            (d) 35

63. Which of the following figures has the longest perimeter ?

(a) A square of side 10 cm.

(b) A rectangle of sides 12 and 9 cm.

(c) A circle of radius 7 cm.

(d) A rhombus of sides 9 cm.


69. As Genuine is to Authentic, so is mirage to

(a) Image                                                                 (b) Illusion

(c) Transpiration                                                        (d) Reflection

71. Out of 100 students in a class, 60 take tea, 40 take coffee and 25 take both. The number of students not taking either tea or coffee is

(a) 28                                                                      (b) 25

(c) 30                                                                      (d) 32

72. In "P4: "P, = 1: 3,then n is equal to

(a) 5                                                                        (b) 7

(c) 9                                                                        (d) 11

73. The Constituent Assembly set-up a Drafting Committee under the Chairmanship of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar on

(a) 13th December, 1946                                             (b) 22nd January, 1947

(c) 3rd June, 1947                                                      (d) 29th August, 1947

74. Which one of the following is not an "All India Service?

(a) Indian Forest Service

(b) Indian Police Service

(c) Indian Economic Service

(d) Indian Administratives Service

75. The Indian Constitution can be amended under the provisions of

(a) Article 368                                                            (b) Article 360

(c)Article 356                                                             (d) Article 352

76. Which of the following Committee recommended for according a constitutional Position to Panchayati Raj ?

(a) L. M. Singhvi Committee

(b) Balwant Rai Mchta Committee

(c) Rao Committee

(d) Ashok Mehta Committee

77. Salaries of the Judges of the Supreme Court are determined by

(a) Pay Commission appointed by then President.

(b) Law Commission

(c) Parliament

(d)  Council of Ministers

78. The President can be impeached on the grounds of violating the Constitution by

(a) the Chief Justice of India.

(b) the Vice-President of India.

(c) the Speaker of the Lok Sabha.

(d) the two Houses of Parliament.

79. The first female Speaker of Lok Sabha is

(a) Vijay Laxmi Pandit                                                       (b) Sucheta Kripalani

(c) Tarkeshwari Sinha                                                       (d) Meira Kumar

80. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha addresses his letter of resignation to the

(a) Prime Minister of India

(b) President of India

(c) Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha

(d) Vice President of India

81. In the federation under the Act of 1935 residuary powers were given to the

(a) Federal Legislature                                                       (b) Provincial Legislature

(c) Governor General                                                         (d) Provincial Governor

82. Which one of the following cannot be suspended or restricted even during national emergency ?

(a) Right to reside and settle in any part of the country.

(b) Right to life and personal liberty Right.

(c) Right to move freely throughout the territory of India.

(d) Right to carry on any profession or business.

83. Which one of the following liberty is not embodied in the Preamble to the Constitution of India?

(a) Liberty of Thought                                                      (b) Liberty of Expression

(c) Liberty of Belief                                                          (d) Economic Liberty

84. The Indian Legislature was made bi-cameral for the first time by

(a) Indian Council Act of 1892

(b) Indian Council Act of 1909

(c) The Government of India Act of 1919,

(d) Government of India Act of 1935.

85. Who was the Chairman of the Provincial Consti¬tution Committee of the Constituent Assembly ?

(a) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar                                                       (b) Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru

(c) Dr. Rajendra Prasad                                                     (d) Sardar Patel

86. Public Interest Litigation has been introduced by

(a) a Parliamentary Act

(b) a Constitutional Amendment

(c) Judicial initiative

(d) None of the above

87. Which of the following is an extra constitutional body?

(a) Union Public Service Commission

(b) Finance Commission

(c) Planning Commission

(d) Election Commission

88. Which one of the following writs examines the functioning of subordinate courts?

(a) Quo Warranto                                                             (b) Mandamus

(c) Certiorari                                                                   (d) Habeas Corpus

89. Which of the following is correct?

(a) Social equality is not guaranteed in our Consti¬tution.

(b) Social equality already existed in our country.

(c) Social equality is guaranteed in our Constitution.

(d) None of the above.

90. Who conducts the State Assembly Elections?

(a) Chief Justice of High Court

(b) State Election Commission

(c) Election Commission of India

(d) Governor of the State

91. The Attorney General of India is a legal advisor to

(a) The President of India                                                 (b) The Prime Minister

(c)  Lok Sabha                                                                (d) Government of India

92. The power to carve out a new State is vested in

(a) The Parliament                                                            (b) The President

(c) The Council of Ministers                                                (d) States' Rerganisation Commission

93. Finance Commission is constituted after every

(a) 3 years                                                                       (b) 2 years

(c) 5 years                                                                       (d) 4 years

94. The Golden Jubilee of Indian Parliament was celebrated on

(a) 1-1-1997                                                                     (b) 15-8-1997

(c) 26-1-2002                                                                   (d) 13-5-2002

95. Which of the following courts in India is/are known as the court(s) of Records?

(a) The High Courts only.

(b) The Supreme Court only.

(c) The High Courts and the Supreme Court.

(d) The District Courts

96. Which of the following official documents is related with India?

(a) Green Paper                                                                  (b) White Paper

(c) Yellow Book                                                                  (d) Blue Book

97. The decision to hold Panchayat Elections under the Constitutional Provisions is taken by

(a) Central Government

(b) State Government

(c) The Election Commission India

(d) The State Election Commission

98. The power of the President to issue ordinance is a relic of

(a) G.O.I. Act of 1919                                                           (b) G.O.I. Act of 1935

(c) G.O.I. Act of 1909                                                           (d) Indian Independence Act, 1947

99. Who is called the Gurdian of Public Purse ?

(a) President                                                                        (b) Comptroller and Auditor General

(c) Parliament                                                                       (d) Council of Ministers

100. All the executive powers in Indian Constitution are vested with

(a) Prime Minister                                                                  (b) Council of Ministers

(c) President                                                                         (d) Parliament

101. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha can be removed by

(a) A resolution of the Lok Sabha passed by a majority of the Members of the House.

(b) Two therd majority of the members of the House.

(c) Order of the President.

(d) Simple majority of the Parliament.

102. Which one of the following Constitutional Amendments introduced the anti-defection provision in the Constitution for the first time ?

(a) 54th Amendment                                                               (b) 53rd Amendment

(c) 52nd Amendment                                                               (d) 51st Amendment

103. Which of the following is not a component of Bharat Nirman?

(a) Agro-based industries                                                          (b) Rural electrification

(c) Rural housing                                                                      (d) Rural telephony

104. Which of the following is the most important component of the liabilites of commercial banks in India?

(a) Demand deposits                                                                (b) Time deposits

(c) lnter-bank liabilities                                                             (d) Other borrowings

106. In the Eleventh Five Year Plan highest allocation has been made for

(a) Energy section

(b) Physical infrastructure

(c) Agriculture and irrigation

(d) Education

107. Which one of the following is not an apex institution?

(a) State Bank of India                                                               (b) NABARD

(c) SIDB1                                                                                  (d) State Co-operative Bank

108. Among the colours mentioned below the eye is most sensitive to colours between

(a) red and green                                                                      (b) orange and yellow

(c) green and blue                                                                     (d) yellow and green.

109. Which of the following is used to take 3-dimen-sional pictures?

(a) Photography                                                                         (b) Holography

(c) Radiography                                                                         (d) None of the above

110. National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) does not

(a) promote inclusive growth.

(b) guarantee 100 days employment in a year to every adult member of a rural household.

(c) enhances livelihood security to rural households.

(d) Guarantee wage employment.

111. The largest increase of employment opportunities during the Eleventh Five Year Plan has been expected in

(a) agriculture                                                                            (b) construction

(c) manufacturing                                                                       (d) transport and communication

112. A pyrometer is used to measure

(a) atmospheric pressure                                                              (b) humidity

(c) high temperature                                                                    (d) density

113. The colour of a star indicates its

(a) weight                                                                                  (b) size

(c) size                                                                                      (d) distance

114. The most popular measure of inflation in India is

(a) general price rise

(b) general price rise

(c) consumer price index

(d) consumer price idex for industrial workers.

115. The theme of the Approach Paper of the Eleventh Five Year Plan has been

(a) Indicative Planning.

(b) Growth with Social Justice.

(c) Towards faster and more Inclusive growth.

(d) Planning for prosperity.

116. Which one of the following is not a function of Reserve Bank of India?

(a) Credit control

(b) As apex body of Scheduled Commercial Banks

(c) Formulation of monetary policy

(d) Credit creation

117. CENVAT is related with

(a) Custom Duties                                                                           (b) Value Added Tax

(c)  Union Excise Duties                                                                   (d) Central Sales Tax

118. Due to rusting, the weight of iron

(a) increases                                                                                  (b) decreases

(c) remains the same                                                                      (d) uncertain

119. Land Development Banks from part of

(a) Commercial Banks                                                                       (b) 1DB1

(c) FC1                                                                                             (d) Co-operative Credit Structure

120. Gujarat is one of the main producers of which one of the following crops?

(a) Wheat                                                                                      (b) Sugarcane

(c) Bajra                                                                                        (d) Coconut

121. The substance used for artificial rain is

(a) Silver Bromide                                                                            (b) Ammonium Nitrate

(c) Silver Iodide                                                                               (d) All these above-

122. The proportion of labour in GNP (Gross National Product) becomes low due to the following reason:

(a) Price lag behind wages

(b) Profit lags behind prices

(c) Prices lag behind profit

(d) Wages lag behind prices

124. Sum of the absolute deviations is minimum when deviations are taken from

(a) Arithmetic Mean                                            (b) Median

(c) Geometric Mean                                            (d) Mode

125. An aeroplane flies around a square of side 100 km each. It covers the first side at a speed of 100 km/hr., the second side at speed of 200

km/hr., the third at 300 km/hr., and the fourth a 400 km/hr. Then the averag speed will be (km/hr.)

(a) 181                                                            (b) 189

(c) 192                                                            (d) 201

128.  Four samples of size 50, 100, 150 and 200 have mean height respectively as 40.4, 45.2, 48.4 and50.0 cms. Their combined mean height is (cm)

(a) 47.6                                                                 (b) 46.7

(c) 49.4                                                                 (d) 49.7

129. A fair coin is tossed a number of times. If head appears on all the five tosses, what is the probability that a tail appears on the sixth toss ?


132. Let A, H, G denote respectively the arithmetic, harmonic and geometric mean of positive numbers, then which one of the following is true?

(a) A > G > H                                                           (b) A > G < H

(c) A < H < G                                                           (d) None of the above

138. The arithmetic mean of 15 numbers is 41.4. Then the sum of these numbers is

(a) 414                                                            (b) 420

(c) 620                                                            (d) 621

139. A bag contains 5 red marbles and some white marbles. If the probability of drawing a white marble is double that of red marble, the number of white marbles in the bag is

(a) 10                                                               (b) 5

(c) 20                                                               (d) 15

140. Sum of the absolute deviations from arithmetic mean

(a) is always zero.                                               (b) is always positive.

(c)is always negative                                           (d) All the above.

141. Sum of square deviations will be minimum, when deviations are taken from

(a) Median                                                          (b) A.M.

(c) G.M.                                                             (d) Mode

142. A batsman makes a score of 84 runs in the 21s'innings and then increases his average by 2 runs. His average after 21" innings is

(a) 44                                                                (b) 34

(c) 24                                                                (d) 54

143. Four years ago the average age of a family of four members was 18 years. During this period a new baby was born. If at present the average age of the family is the same as it was four years ago, then the present age of the baby is (yrs.)

(a) 1                                                                  (b) 2

(c) 3                                                                  (d) 4

145. Following data show the population (in lakh) of two places A And B in a year in specified age groups:

                   Below 20                  20-39                 40-59             above 60

Place A           8                            12                       16                       4

place B           16                          64                        56                      24

For representing the data by pie-chart to compare the two population, the ratio of radius of pie charts for A and B will be

(a) 1 : 1                                                            (b) 1 : 2

(c) 1 : 3                                                            (d) I : 4

146. The number of monthly sale of cars at a shop for the last six months are to be shown through (i)bars, (ii) Circles, (iii) squares, (iv) 3-dimensionalpictures of car. Choose the correct way of preparing the diagram from the following:

(a) Bar should be of equal width and height should be proportional to the number of cars sold in that month.

(b) The radius of the circle and side of the square should be proportional to the number of ears sold in that month.

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) Neither (a) nor (b)

148. In a certain factory there are five workers A, B,C, D and E. A can complete a work in 4 minutes, B in 5 minutes, C in 6 minutes, D in 10 minutes and E in 12 minutes. The average number of units of work completed per worker per minute will he

(a) 0.16                                                                            (b) 0.172

(c) 0.80                                                                            (d) 0.87

149. The median of 3, x, 10 and 4 is 5. The value of x is

(a) 0 16                                                                            (b) 0.172

(c) 0 80                                                                            (d) 0 87

150. The area of a frequency polygon is equal to

(a) the area of the histogram.

(b) the area between the cumulative frequency polygon (More than) and the x-axis.

(c) theatres bounded by the cumulative frequency polygon (Less than), axis of x and ordinate corresponding to the upper limit of the law diss.

(d) None of the above

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