Ways to rise above the vicious cycle of Self-doubt

Office can be hectic at times and can be demotivating. So here are a few ways which will help you overcome self-doubt and emerge as a winner.

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Ways to rise above the vicious cycle of Self-doubt
Ways to rise above the vicious cycle of Self-doubt

Is it ok to keep comparing yourself with your colleagues and consider their achievements as a yardstick of your success? If you find yourself constantly engaged in such though, dear friend, you seriously need a reality check! It is not that you are achieving less or are an underperformer in the organisation, but if you deep dive in your conscience, you might be suffering from self-doubt. Self-doubt needless to say has become a common problem in the workplace.

When you listen to your colleagues being praised and rewarded, you start doubting the number of hours you have put to achieve the results and targets. But not everyone is eligible to win the game at same point of time. If you let go the feeling of self-doubt, you will become more productive and remain healthy and happy at the workplace. So here are a few ways which will help you overcome self-doubt and emerge as a winner:

1. Know Thyself

We often fall prey to the negative comments which other speak about us or opinions that they hold about us. Before anyone else demeans us, we ourselves sulk and become self-pitying. This habit often makes one weak and leave no room for self-improvement. So, before anyone raises a finger at you, become aware about your strengths and weaknesses. This realisation will come once you sit and think about your perfections and imperfections. Try to pen down the activities and areas of interest that stimulate you to bring out a better version of your skills and personality. Simultaneously work on the loopholes that put you down and neutralises the effect of your good deeds.

For say, you want to get into managerial roles after a relevant career experience. But your company states that only those who have earned master’s degree are eligible to get a managerial position. Weigh your options and if you can’t leave job then take admission in distance learning programmes to acquire the degree that is hampering your career growth. Raise your self-awareness if you really want to study and need to sell yourself employed at the managerial position.   

2. Believe in the power of your own thoughts

What you think about yourself is the reflection of how you will carry yourself in front of the world. If you carry a low self-esteem, people will easily mock you and you won’t be able to retaliate. But if you carry yourself with aplomb, no one will ever question your skills or capabilities.

The beginning of overcoming self-doubt starts from believing in your own thoughts. If you want to become a dancer and you are confident to pursue a career in dancing, then no power can pull you down from becoming a class dancer. The day you start feeling that career in dancing might not be rewarding to earn a smooth lifestyle; you will never be able to reach the pinnacle. 

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3. Opinion and perception of others doesn’t matter

People will say that you are a failure because they envy you. Once they sense that their comments affect you and that you will remain an underperformer, their criticism must not stop you room achieving your dreams. Remember that ‘failure is a stepping stone to success’ and those who have tasted failure are the ones who know the better way to win. Attempting to win is better than not giving yourself a chance to make an attempt.

Do not let the talk, opinions, comments and perception affect you sheen. If they feel that you must let go the thought of career in dancing and rather choose mass media because it offer an array of jobs, do not let their opinion become the final decision of your life. Give it a try and explore options, talk to people associated with this domain and enquire about the path that you can take to perform exceedingly well.   

4. “Now” is the time to make things happen

Maybe the decisions you took in the past were nor rewarding enough. Maybe your parents, friends and other colleagues believe that you are not mature enough to decide on your own. Maybe everyone around you thinks that your future will be bleak with the decision and career path that you choose, but worry not!

It is the present and the demand of present time that will make you successful in future. Not every time you win the bet in the gamble. But you can make your ‘present’ special. Do a complete research on your idea before you venture into a project, so that even if you are counter-questioned, you do not end up questioning you own idea.     

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5. Don’t ignore your Gut feelings

You might have observed that when you want to start something new, your get some instincts. These instincts can be vibrations about the success and failure that you might meet in the process of accomplishing the set goals. So pay attention to your gut feelings and follow them. They are seldom wrong and might save you overcoming self-doubt.

If you feel that you are going to selected in the interview, as a very first step you have fine tune the frequency of your day on a positive note. Now even if the interviewer throws tough and tricky questions, you will be in a shape to handle them with ease. And you might as well emerge as a winner.

6. Avoid Negative Self-Talk

The best way to taste success in your career is to avoid and even drop the idea of negative self talk. When you sit idle thinking about you day and career path, do not let the negativity overpower your mind and heart. Do not ever say to yourself “I am not good enough to achieve this”, “I will never be able to get a job in XYZ organisation”, “I don’t have the capability to become an entrepreneur”. The day you stop thinking and speaking negative about yourself to other and within your mind and heart, you will experience a sea change in your career growth. As an initial step, you will overcome self-doubt easily and will ways stay away from anxiety of failure in any task that you take up. 

Follow these 6 ways to overcome self-doubt and we are sure that you will never look back in life or blindly believe in the opinions of others. It is good to be flexible but do not become so vulnerable while listening to your near and dear ones that you start doubting yourself. If you have some other tried and tested methods that have helped you overcome self-doubt then do share with us in the comments section below and save others as well.

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