Work-Family Balance: Do you have it or not?

Does your Job allow time for Work-Family Balance? Ask yourself these questions and check if it’s the ideal job for you?


No doubt about the fact that ‘work is worship’ and it is the primary source to avail all the privileges we dream of. When the mobile beeps with a message saying‘Your Salary has been credited’ it gives you immense pleasure. But even if you are earning millions of bucks in your salary, it doesn’t indicate that you have been able to achieve a perfect Work-Family Balance. Somewhere while working in the office, if you forget your wife’s birthday or your reunion party in the college because of your work life, then you will indeed feel dissatisfied. The number of digits in your salary will not live a life full of contentment. You will experience a vacuum which will force you to search for balance.

So here are a few questions which you must ask yourself to check if your job allows you the bliss of experience ideal work-family balance:  

1. Are you able to balance on both the sides (work and family)?

Amidst the stringent work schedule and neglected family life, you find yourself getting sandwitched while balance both. If either of the one is suffering because of the other then you are surely facing work-family balance crisis. In this case, you need to learn the art of Lean In, which means that finding time to lean in various responsibilities. You will gradually acquire this art once you groom the habit of listening patiently and setting priorities. Within 24 hours of the day, even if you spare 6 hours to the sound sleep, the rest 18 hours will need you to be on your toes.  This is not as hard as it might sound. If you get genuinely interested in work and managing other chores, you will yourself enjoy the balance that you have been able to accomplish in the end.

2. Are you ready to become a family?

At times you might land up in a job which doesn’t allow you to think of getting married. When the nature of work is dynamic and required you to be on the toes for long hours and demands your attention 24x7, then you might find it hard to establish work-family balance. This question is necessary to ask because you must not get married in a hush. It is one of the most crucial decisions of life and when you are not ready to spare time to other priorities in life then do not make things and situations tough for your potential spouse. Rather try finding someone who hails from the similar domain as that of yours. In this manner they would be in a better situation to understand your story and won’t build high expectations from you. Once your job allows you the privilege of availing leaves then do not miss out on the opportunity to materialise the decision of becoming a family.

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3. Are you able to make time for yourself?

If spending time on your favourite hobby like football, basketball, running or reading is something which remains a dream then you need to get alert. Your job is eating into your personal space for sure. Who doesn’t want to relax and spend time in rejuvenating activities? If your workplace has provided the facility of extracurricular activities then take a break and relax your mind. But if they do not have arrangements to let you relax in the office premises the join some classes to keep yourself sane. Engagement in other stuff helps a person relax on daily basis. Yoga classes, dance/aerobics classes, cooking, pottery sessions are some readily available examples of how you can make time for yourself. You can even join membership of sports club and enjoy as many sports as you like. A job that doesn’t allows you time to have your person space will eventually make you lose enthusiasm towards work. So to maintain work-family balance, it is important that you remain calm and do not lose the willingness to work.

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4. Is your universe limited to your family and workplace colleagues only?

Socialising is another aspect which will keep you mentally satisfied. If you find it hard to go out in the gatherings and meet your old friends and family members then blame it on your job. There might be times when you really wanted to hang out with friends but meetings, presentations and conferences came in the way of your much awaited programme. If only Facebook and Instagram become the only source of interaction with the best of your friends then it’s time that you think about maintaining work-family balance.

5. Are you able to plan for holidays/vacations?

Out of 365 days, if you do not have the discretion to take a break for planning and materialising a vacation/trip with either family or friends then you will find yourself in a mess sooner or later. A short trip becomes sometimes vital for regaining the balance in life. Travelling on the same roads and getting affected by the traffic jams to appear at the workplace is not what you earn for. If taking leaves for leisure is an issue in your job then it is time that you consider work-family balance on priority basis.  

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It is a fact that many working professionals feel that they are stuck in the wrong job because they do not have time for family at all. Sundays are mostly spend relaxing at home because the body needs rest and weekdays leave you exhausted due to strenuous commuting and working hours in office. In this case, do not ever land up in a situation where you start disliking your job and still don’t find time for the family. So be safe than sorry and look out for ways to keep your family and job in good shape.   

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