Easy ways to ditch your 9 to 5 job and earn high salary

Does your 9 to 5 job offers you the desired career growth which promises work life balance even? Look out for other options to enjoy a balanced work life.


Whether you find it hard to wake up in the morning, or travelling for long hours in the public transportation, or get fatigued following the same schedule daily, do not think of changing the job is the other option also offers traditional 9 to 5 job working hours. It is time that you revisit your working style and blend it in order to seek nearby perfect work life balance. Here are some simple ways in which you can earn while working in an offbeat way to manage your work life and enjoy the most out of it:

1. Go for Part-time Jobs

Part-time job has been in the trend since very long. Be it college students, homemakers or full time employers, part-time job has always been in the ‘wishlist’ of those willing to earn additional income. If you are not at all interested in taking pains to travel and work for the regular eight or nine hour job, then try this option. For people interested in web designing, career counselling, home tuitions, waiter, content writing, photography, part-time jobs is a lucrative option. These days even doctors are also invited by reputed hospital chains to treat the patients on part-time basis. So, do not miss out on this opportunity and make money by not having to invest your time in a single job.

2. Freelancing Options are on the rise

Freelancing is another booming option that is in high demand with many people. Not only those on the sabbatical readily choose this option, but those engaged in the full time job love to go for freelancing in order to enhance the weight of their C.V. Freelancing option makes them more dynamic and helps in earning handsome fees. Eminent brands love to associate with freelancers especially in the domain of photography, content writing, data analyst, software development, multimedia artists, graphic designers and many more professionals are always scouted by various job portals for freelance work. As a freelance job seeker, get registered with few websites which offer freelance jobs from your specialization and keep working. 

The fees paid are usually on hourly basis or depending upon the type of output required by the employer. You can always negotiate the terms and conditions of the work and enjoy working while being at home or wherever you want to be.

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3. Ask for flexi-time Options from Employer

At times, 9-5 jobs can be very demanding on your health and in managing family and household chores. In this case, companies that offer flexi-time facility are more preferred because employees are no more bound to obey the clock in order to maintain work-life balance. They can manage their other important priorities easily. Completing number of hours in a week or day does not remain an issue for long if you have the freedom to manage the work as per your convenience. So, the next time you apply for the job, ask for flexi-time options so that you save yourself from the traditional mode of working from 9 to 5.

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4. Enquire about Work from home facility

While this option might seem to be the most rewarding one, keep a careful check that you choose trusted source so that your payment is not in questions anymore. Studies have come up with results that work from home jobs can increase productivity and decrease stress among professionals. Not only this, it induces savings also because you do not have to travel and can save a lot on transportation cost. To add more, internet penetration has made work from home options easy bait for skilled professionals and can save on your leaves while earning the salary of whole month. When you plan to join an organisation or change one, do not hesitate to ask for this facility because it is meant for the greater good of you and the organisation.

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Not everyone wants to engage as a full-time employee and if it hampers your productivity then do not stick to this mode of working all because it is the preferred one. Try breaking the monotony of your work life with these modes of working and experiencing substantial change in your life. You won’t escape from work, rather you will love working for earning bread and butter.

If you have some more tips to share that helps in breaking from the monotony of 9 to 5 job then do share with us in the comments section below with our readers.

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