Is having a single child the right decision for working couples?

Still doubting your decision to have a single child as a working couple? Here are a few factors that will convince you ‘Hum Do…Humara ek’ the right decision for you.


For working couples, career and family go hand in hand especially when you get married and there is a lot of societal pressure on having a child. Whether you like it or not but people around and family members are only interested in one single question “when are you giving good news?” which is an obvious indicator of becoming a family with lot more responsibilities.

To add to your woes, you might please a few of them with a good news i.e. single child, but their ears would want to hear some more. It is a common perception that a one-child family is not a good idea. It is because the child might remain a loner throughout life. Raising a single child is easier for parents but when both are working, it could be quite a challenge. So while you get poked and pestered by your kith and kins to plan for another baby, here are a few factors that you must take into consideration before worrying about raising a single child together.

While some experts may put an argument that parents of single child have whole and sole responsibility of entertaining the child on their own, there are others who feel that it is just a matter of choice.

1. It is entirely parental preference

Don’t get perturbed because you have planned for a single child family. It is entirely your choice to raise a child the way you want. Albeit your demanding career, if you both planned for a single child, then carry this responsibility wholeheartedly rather than lamenting of not having another baby. Although government and private organisation allows parental and maternity leave provisions upto two kids, but if you feel that having more than one kid can sideline your career then do not feel bad about the same.

Raising kid is a joint responsibility of you both and only when as parents you are ready for it, then make an informed decision of raising more than one kid.

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2. Evaluate your family income

Family income is one benchmark which is a visible indicator of deciding whether you should plan for single or more children. You will run out of expenses in no time once you have a baby to take care of. From his/her milk packets to diapers, toys and medical bills, you will be flooded with numerous expenses. And the day your kid is big enough to enter the school then you would know the real pain of having a hole in your pocket. It is always a better decision to raise one kid satisfactorily rather than having two and always staying in crisis of money management.   

3. Look for support from your extended family

A child nonetheless needs parents but extended family has its own importance. Grandparents and paternal/maternal uncle and aunts can be of great help in the growing up process of the child. If you are a part of joint family where you have support of your in-laws then you can dream of planning more than one kid. With their support, raising more than one kid won’t pose many hurdles in bringing up kids. You will be able to take good care of your family and career simultaneously.

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4. Plan for the future of the kid

With double income couples, the family income might seem sufficient to run the daily expenses but saving for the future also plays an important role. When you plan for the baby, plan for the savings that come along such as life insurance, education plans for the kid, and savings for the marriage. After you are fully satisfied with the saving plan that is in place for your first child, then plan for the second baby. This will give you a reality check to nurture a financially safe and secure future of your child.

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5. Don’t follow the crowd

Just because your in-laws want you to raise two kids, doesn’t mean you will decide the future of your family on the basis of their whims and fancies. Their financial statement might differ from yours. It is always better you plan wisely for the education and health of first child on priority before planning for another. Once you are sure about the financial security of you first child, then planning for another is no big deal.

These factors do have a role to play when you feel under pressure to plan for another baby. The pressure could be out of concern for raising the single child or it may be from your near and dear ones. So the next time you are in a dilemma to extent your family size, do consider these factors and let the peer pressure remain at bay. It is your life and only you can make it worthwhile.

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