Parenting 101: Deciding right time to have baby without hurting your Career

Planning a baby in your life? Here are a few factors that will help you take this thoughtful decision and make way for a new life.

Created On: Sep 29, 2017 16:43 IST
Deciding right time to have baby without hurting your Career?
Deciding right time to have baby without hurting your Career?

Deciding to bring a new member to life is one adventure that begins the day you get pregnant. It is one beautiful feeling which remains with you for the rest of your life. Amidst your demanding career this decision is tough to manage and sustain. But when you decide to stay with it, make sure that things do not fall apart. During this hour, make sure that you take care of three most important things i.e. you, your baby and your health.

If you want to plan a baby and you are finding it hard to decide, then take a look at these factors that can make your decision-making process a bit easy. These are some of the factors that will let you make an informed and rational choice on bringing one more life to this planet.  

When it’s a ‘Thoughtful’ decision

Just because all your friends are married and planning a baby or already have one doesn’t mean you will take this decision hurriedly. Societal pressure should not become the basis of planning a baby when you have a demanding career. Do not become a victim of societal pressure or constant poking from your peers and family members. It is one irrevocable decision wherein no one will come to your rescue. Only when you have all other plans in place, then only proceed to have a baby. Dont plan a baby only because you land up in a situation like this:

Things working parents should keep in mind

When you are financially stable

Financial satiability is one of the most crucial aspects when you plan a baby in your life. When a newborn enters your life, you have to take care of his/her needs. But before that, you will incur additional expenses in terms of medical bills, regular check-ups with the gynaecologist, regular prescriptions of medicines will run of out of money. So plan wisely when you plan a baby. In fact you will have to follow a diet chart recommended by the nutritionist especially for this period. Do not miss out on any of these special diets because they would in the growth and development of your foetus.

When you both are ‘Ready’

When it comes to planning a baby, you and spouse are one entity not two separate. A child need parents not parent. As a matter of fact, your spouse must be ready for this beautiful phase of life as well. If they consider it as a burden then there is no point going forward with this decision. There will be times when you will have sleepless nights because the baby would want to play at night only, he/she would keep crying because of some medic issue that you would never be able to find on your own. Infants have their peculiar ways of spending 24 hours of the day. Love, affection and care of mother will not be able to suffice the baby. Role of father is also is also eminent in raising the baby. So have a constructive discussion when you plan a baby amidst your career.

Ways to deal with Career and Kids

When you are physically fit

Pregnancy is the time when you need to take extra care of yourself and the new life. Experiences ofyour friends and family members who have been through this phase will help you understand the criticality of physical health during this stage. You cannot exert yourself too much and neither can you go on complete rest. The body should maintain balance in terms of physical exercise.  A weak and debilitating health would make your condition worse and it would become difficult to bear the baby.

To avoid this condition, you can even join yoga, community of pregnant ladies who regularly share their experiences. For some women doctors recommend complete bed rest and for some they do not mind if they continue with their regular work life schedule.

Seek the advice of a gynaecologist and go for medical checkups before getting pregnant. Once all the reports declare you fit and fine for this phase, go for it and experience the bliss of motherhood.

When your Job allows such flexibility

For working professionals this is one factor that counts in a big manner when it comes to planning a baby. Not only does this factor counts for women but also for men. If your job allows for maternity leave and paternity leave then it becomes easy to manage the time when the baby is delivered. Check for options such as work from home because they will be very useful on the days when you surface morning sickness and nausea.

Parenthood is one of the difficult yet happiest phases of life. Your careful decisions to have a baby will keep you elated and you won’t realise when the time flied by. You just need to strike a balance between two most demanding aspects of life i.e. career and parenthood. Once you are mentally prepared for it, no force on this earth can hold you back from living upto the dream of wonderful bliss of parenthood.

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