First time Parenting: Ways to deal with Career and Kids

Does the thought of having a kid troubles you because of your demanding career needs? Take a look at these easy tips and enjoy the bliss of parenthood.

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First time Parenting
First time Parenting

Even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were downright nervous when they were expecting their first baby! And it is natural to feel the jitters about the future with a baby especially when it is your first time. Everything will fall in place if you have planned the things in a right way. You do not have to bother about your career as well, because it said that becoming a family is a big responsibility but that doesn’t necessarily comes at the cost of losing a career.

There are numerous ways and means through which you can manage the growing-up of your kid while performing exceedingly well in your career. Here are a few tips that you must not ignore if you plan a baby while continuing being in your existing profession:

Family Comes First

Your new born becomes your first priority but after a while, career can’t take a backseat as well. In such a scenario you must never hesitate to seek help from your family members before you move to hire a baby-sitter or getting your kid in the Crèche. Your family is the first source of support who can always come to your rescue especially when they have to deal with the little bundle of joy in their life.


They might be willing to lend a helping hand to you in this phase because now they have retired from their working lives. It is the kid who can fill the empty place in their life with new emotions and experiences. But do not push the responsibility on them too hard. Try to look for job that offers flexi time facility, or work from home options. This way it will be easy for you to manage work life and personal life simultaneously.

Don’t forget the Doctor

Yes! You read it right. The kids are very unpredictable creatures and they encounter various health issues. Considering their health, there will always be million people around you who will offer zillion advices. But you need not implement them on your little one, for he/she can’t speak to you about the body pain or the reason as to why they are uneasy.

Always keep number of your infant’s paediatrician on your speed dial till he/she turns 5 years of age. Kids are not very good at communicating the problem in the exact manner in which adults can. In this case a good paediatrician will always keep your life on the track. Regular quarterly or half-yearly check-ups will save your child from all the probable issues which come uninvited in your life.

Make sure that your health doesn’t suffer while taking care of the kids. As a couple you must take care of your health as well for the well-being of the kids and career needs. Being on the toes all the time requires great effort and only a healthy person can make himself/herself available to everyone 24*7.

Time to follow the Tick-Tock

To make your life easier, it is better you download a planner, scheduler in your mobile phone and use it often. Otherwise you will forget half of the tasks that you were supposed to do in a day. Seek help of your spouse to manage the responsibilities. For say: you can divide the work of internal management of home and shopping for daily household stuff. Meanwhile taking care of the baby and spending time with him/her will automatically fall in place once you are able to share the responsibility with sincerity and dedication.

It is important to follow the time line in the beginning because your life will run around the body clock of your baby. You will wake up and sleep as per his/her wish. Your body clock will automatically get synchronised with their rhythm.

Fresher’s make mistakes: Learn from them

Parenthood is a full time job and do not consider that everyone expects perfection from you. You need not to be perfect but affectionate enough for the baby to make him/her feel your love. There will be times when you will feel sleepy at work, when you will get to rush to the baby while having your meals because they have urinated. Having kids might put managerial skills to test because they are very demanding creatures and you cannot give them excuses to escape a situation.

While understanding these hues of life, stay patient and determined that you won’t give up and enjoy the most of these moments. Watch YouTube videos that guide you to change the diapers of your infant. Talk to parents who have experience on how to feed the baby without making them cry. Take your kid to the park in the vicinity; this will give to time to explore your neighbours.   

Reach for the Piggy-Bank

This is the time when all your savings will save you from the unexpected expenses. Although the baby doesn’t need much in terms of the expenses in the initial first 3 years of life but moving forward you will have to take care of schooling, education, their hobbies and interest along with yours. This will surely burn a hole in your pocket.

So money-wise, be frugal and budget your expenses because they will save you in the rainy days of life. Nurturing another life altogether is a big responsibility and you must not leave any stone unturned to emerge as a winner.

In a nutshell, do not consider parenting as a burden. There is always the first time when we learn to become better versions of ourselves. Always remember that there ain’t any hood as beautiful as ‘Parenthood’.

The joy of parenthood is a feeling that no words can explain:

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