Is office stress killing you? Watch out for these signs and save yourself

Office stress is a concept which not only makes employees worried but also is a cause of worry for the employers! Watch out for these signs if you also remain stressed in office

Updated: Nov 3, 2017 11:20 IST
Office Stress
Office Stress

Office stress is a concept which not only makes employees worried but also is a cause of worry for the employers. A huge cost is invested in the manpower but ‘stress’ is one factor that brings down the productivity significantly. So, if you are surviving in a scenario where you feel a victim of office stress, here are the signs that you must watch out for. If your smell the rat of stress in your office from the below listed signs, then it’s time that you make every possible effort to curtain the overbearing stress on you. Here are the signs that might be killing you mentally:

1. You don’t like going to work anymore

The official leaves that gets credited in your account vanishes fast. In fact when you start taking leaves keeping your salary on stake, it is time that you revisit the level of stress experienced at the workplace. It is time that you talk to your manager and consult with him/her on the work profile in your KRA. You might be losing interest in the work due to the prolonged nature of the job. Monotony is another reason as to why people feel uninterested in continuing with their current work profile.

Rise in absenteeism eventually turns into turnover. It is better to look for a good job while keeping up with the current one so that you do not run out of money. A little bit of patience will reap wonderful results in the long run. Do not resign from the job only because you were stressed and couldn’t cope with the situation. Identify the signs and make way for better prospects.

2. You find it hard to achieve targets despite of giving 100 per cent

While you were determined to achieve your monthly targets, but despite of investing your full potential you lost the battle, it indicated that there is something amiss at your workplace. Instead of getting drowned in the pool of self-doubt, look out of reasons which are hindering your path to success. It is natural to face such obstacles, but if stress is the reason then you need to find solutions for this problem. Your boss might be putting extra workload on you to prepare you for the difficult times to come in future. So stay positive and don’t let stress take control of you.

Stress is a silent killer and will sooner or later make you fall prey of pessimism. Avoid negative vibes as much as possible and give way for the positive thoughts by surrounding yourself with positive people at work. Discuss your problems that hinder your path. If needed, take a break from work for a week and plan a vacation with family to rejuvenate yourself and get back to work with new vigour and zeal.

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3. You are always tensed and feel the pressure of workload

Persistent feeling of tension without a reason is a visible sign of workplace stress. It surely needs to be curbed in order to avoid detrimental effects on your health. Be it any day of the week, if your remain worried always then you might be over-thinking about the work. It is better to stop thinking and invest your time in putting your constructive energy to work. This will not only keep you occupied but will bring your negative thoughts to standstill. Try to take control of the situation rather than letting the situation take control of you. It will only be possible when you will set priorities at work and work according to them. This way you will be able to manage time and people effectively. 

4. You don’t have apt resources to accomplish targets

It is a common phenomenon which usually will put you in crisis at the workplace. Be it in terms of the equipments required to deal with machinery, manpower required to accomplish targets or capita for running the expenses, dearth of resources will test your mental acumen at the workplace. You will face this challenge very often because the targets will remain the same whether you have the manpower or not. When such a situation takes toll on do not get bogged down. Lift up your spirits and plan the work for the week accordingly to avoid last minute rush.

5. Work-life balance is in complete turmoil

When the work life balance is not in sync, it is natural to feel stressed. It become difficult to manage work along with healthy family life. During this phase, the demanding nature of work will force you to sideline family needs. But don’t worry, if you talk to your spouse about the work pressure at office, he/she will surely extend a helping hand to manage the other household chores. After all it is the joint responsibility of the couple to run a harmonious relation for the good of the family. Stress will only creep in till the time you do not let the cat out of the bag with your close associates. Once you are open about your problems at work, things might take a positive turn and stress won’t eat up your health anymore.

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6. Your organisation doesn’t trusts you anymore

There is a vision which organisation often keeps discreet and don’t wish to share because of the fear that the employees might leak the plans in the market. During such times they expect you to follow the instructions and do not question back on their actions. So it is best that you do not get stressed by cooking abstract stories or spread rumors about the fate of the organisation. This will make the situation worse and will land you up in the dirty waters.

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