What is Computer Storage?

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May 19, 2015 17:47 IST

Storage is a media and methods, which is used to keep information available for later use.

Computer storage is of two types

  • Primary Storage
  • Secondary Storage

Primary Storage

  • It is the main memory of computer.
  • It keeps track of current processing
  • It is volatile, i.e., turning the power off erases all of the data.
  • For main memory, computers use RAM or Random Access Memory.
  • These memory chips are the fastest, but most expensive type of storage.

Main Memory = Primary Storage

Secondary Storage

  • It is the auxiliary storage of computer.
  • It keeps track of what is not currently being processed.
  • It is the stuff that is ‘Filed away’, but is ready to be pulled out when needed.
  • It is non-volatile, i.e., turning the power off does not erase the data.
  • Auxiliary storage is used for input data and programs as well as saving the result of processing.

Auxiliary Storage = Secondary Storage

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