Why Trigonometry is in SSC CGL but not in IBPS?

In this article, we will discuss about reasons of the inclusion of trigonometry in SSC and exclusion from the banking exams in details. Let us go through it-

Why Trigonometry is in SSC CGL but not in IBPS?
Why Trigonometry is in SSC CGL but not in IBPS?

There are several posts offered by SSC, which demand high quantitative and mathematical skills. These posts are filled by the exams including SSC Junior Engineer, SSC-Scientific assistants, SSC-selection posts, and several posts offered by SSC CGL. Trigonometry is one of the most important section out of which several types of questions are framed in many competitive examinations including SSC CGL and others. We can find these questions in almost all government exams excluding banking exams. Apart from this, the syllabus for trigonometry covers topics such as basic trigonometric equations, height, & distance, measurement of angles, and radian etc.

Now, question arises, “Why trigonometry questions are in SSC exams but not asked in banking or IBPS exams.” For that, we need to find out the skills, which are subjected to test for trigonometry section and how it can be useful after the deputation on these posts. In this article, we will discuss about the reasons of the inclusion of trigonometry in SSC and exclusion from the banking exams in details. Let us go through it-

Trigonometry: Why it is in SSC CGL but not in IBPS?

Trigonometry is all about measuring of angles and manipulating their relative distances/ratios. It is used under various disciplines including Geo-physics, architecture, acoustics, astronomy, number theory, physical science, electrical engineering, Electronics, etc. The in-depth knowledge of trigonometry and geometry is further going to be utilized in work-areas after selection for several posts. The commission wants to test the following things from you and want assurance about how much a candidate is useful for the offered post.

Practical Problem Solving

Solving a problem in a bank is more about your communication skill and knowledge about the finance & the software used by the banks for data processing. On the other hand, in a government job, you will face various problems during day-to day functioning and in that situation, it will not be only related to financial issues but also with scientific problems and security related issues depending upon the job profiles. You need practical knowledge of all minor and major measurements. Trigonometric questions checks your presence of mind and understandability of the emerged problems.

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Logical Approach

In financial institutions, problems are generally about money and you can solve them going by the manuals given to you. Whereas, in government offices, you have to always sit with a logical mindset and must have the capability to think logically and in practical terms. Trigonometry is such topic, which is used in such scenarios. It is used in various academic domains not only in scientific or engineering areas.

Diversified Knowledge

IBPS exams are more about your speed than your knowledge. IBPS wants to test how good you are at basic mathematics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, profit and loss, interest calculation, etc. whereas, SSC CGL is more than a test of knowledge where you have to deal with geometry, mensuration, algebra, trigonometry etc. In everyday job, you may need to use them given in the diversified job-profiles, which you are going to hold once you are in the job.

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Logical Expression of understanding

In IBPS exams, you do not need to think much because the questions are lengthy but not difficult. Hence, you have to give more time in solving these questions. However, in SSC, the commission wants to test your knowledge and how can you express your thoughts and perception. Like in height and distance questions, you need to draw the picture as described in the problem. You can never do it if you do not understand the problem properly. Trigonometry is the most suitable chapter for evaluating your comprehending ability of the problems and your approach to solve them. (Approach includes the way of understanding the problems, proceedings to identifying the given values & using them how to deduce other helping values, and the methods/formulas to find the intended solution.)

Trigonometry problems are asked in SSC CGL exam because there will be a requirement of this in various posts. However, in IBPS, there is no use of such mathematical skills. Banking job is all about understanding of the deployed software and excellent communication skills. This much problem-solving attitude is not required in banking job as in SSC jobs because in banks, problems are solved as per the provided manual/procedures. Moreover, the problems are of only one kind and you do not need to have knowledge of other thing, but obviously, you have to be good at it and be quick about it. That is what IBPS tests in you and SSC tests the problem solving approach, logical thinking, logical expression, etc. Therefore, the difference is in the required skills-set and that is why, the framed questions are different in IBPS and SSC CGL.

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