Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) 2016 Analysis: Expected cut-off Marks

XAT 2016, held on 3 January 2016 was consisted of 78 questions in Part – I that were asked from 3 sections of Verbal Ability with 26 questions, Decision Making with 23 questions and Quant with 29 questions whereas Paper-2 carried 25 GK questions along with an Essay Writing.

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This year Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) exam was successfully conducted by Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI) Jamshedpur on 3rd January 2016. XAT – 2016 was conducted on various specified examination centers. A large number of aspirants appeared for the examination with the hope for a call from prestigious management institutions.

Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) was a one-day paper-pencil based test that was conducted simultaneously on 47 cities in India and 2 international cities. After Common Admission Test (CAT), Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) is deemed to be one of the toughest examination for admission to management programs.

XAT 2016, held on 3 January 2016 was consisted of 78 questions in Part – I that were asked from 3 sections of Verbal Ability with 26 questions, Decision Making with 23 questions and Quant with 29 questions whereas Paper-2 carried 25 GK questions along with an Essay Writing.

Verbal and Logical Ability section in paper – I was of high difficulty level whereas Decision Making and Quant sections were seemed to be easier than previous section.

This year Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) began at 10 AM and was over at 1.30 PM. The 78 questions in the first part of this paper had to be solved in 170 minutes and second part of this paper had to be attempted in 35 minutes. Negative marking of one fourth mark for wrong answer was applied while a penalty of 0.05 mark per question was applied in case the test taker left more than 13 questions unattempted.

All the candidates who had participated in the exam are waiting for post examination analysis so that they can compare their performance with it. Here we are giving analysis of XAT – 2016 question paper.

New pattern and Level of Exam

This year XAT conducting body announced a pattern changes in this exam, on the basis of these changes it was assumed that question paper would be of low difficulty level but after seeing the question paper it seemsto be of moderate level and was close to the level of CAT 2015 paper. On the basis of feedbacks of participants, Quant section had some questions which required more than expected time as a result candidates was unable to attempt desired number of questions. Most of the candidates found this exam paper on the upper level of difficulty. Overall questions was tricky and time consuming that leads the level of this questions paper to difficulty.

XLRI also made change this year by introducing negative marking for not attempted questions that was .05 for every not attempted question. This was a new change but as per responses of participants, this factor did not make any difference to their choice of attempts. As all participants know that negative marks for every wrong response was 0.25 that is greater than the negative marks of not attempted questions so no doubt as per the basis of level of this paper candidates choose to skip the question in compare to attempting in wrong manner but if some students went in opposite direction than they will face some difficulty.

This year XLRI also increased duration of the exam, on the basis of participants’ feedbacksincreased time was good initiative of XLRI because difficulty level of this paper was more or less similar to the level of CAT 2015. If XLRI gave less time to this level of exam then number of questions attempted by the participants would have reached to a lower number.

On the basis of most of the responses of participants it can be said that General Knowledge section in Paper 2 was easy and most of the questions was asked from economy, international relations and politics sections.

On the other hand, on the basis of difficulty level, English and Decision Making sections were similar to the last year XAT paper. On the basis of overall exam analysis it can be said that the cut-off (for XLRI) is likely to be around 32-36 marks.

As you see test paper carefully then you will find that most of the questions placed in XAT 2016 were from forgotten topics candidates you carefully prepared whole syllabus definitely did better in the test. Questions on number of forgotten topics with higher level of difficulty, increased number of passages, questions which had different trend and didn’t appear earlier, appeared in XAT 2016 marking their presence in various sections.

Those who could successfully attempted around 16 - 18 questions with accuracy in each of the 3 sections can expect a call from XLRI and other top rated B-schools

Sectional Analysis

(1) Verbal and Logical Ability

In this section out of the 12 questions in the Verbal & Logical Area, 6 questions were of critical reasoning nature, which has comprised of very close options, students found themselves struggling on these questions. Questions from Vocab section were not direct and required high knowledge of vocabulary and Usage.But Para Jumbles and Para Completion related questions were not very difficult these questions required some time and concentration.

(2) Decision Making&Analytical Reasoning

Total 23 questions were asked from this section. 4 sets of these were with 2 questions each and 5sets of these with 3 questions each.

One set on matching criteria was not so difficult, most of the students find it easy and less time consuming. Another set on Crops and the decision to plan these crops across the months in a year was comprised of questions having definite answers but remaining sets of question were much confusing and had very close options for their answer.

(3) Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation

On the basis of analysis and feedbacks of most of the students this section has a lower difficulty level than other section. Quantitative Ability questions were relatively easier, and most of the questions were based on Geometry, Algebra, Number System and Arithmetic. Arithmetic based questions were moderately easy, while the Geometry and Algebra related questions were of some upper level.

In data Interpretation area, two sets were very difficult to interpret at first glance but ultimately students found these questions quiet challenging. Questions from The bar chart on Salaries at a campus was catchable but required patience& concentration to reach at right answer. Even in this set, the answers to at least two questions were very close and could go either way. Questions based on ‘Shop types’ weremore difficult to interpret and getting right answer.

(4) General Awareness

General awareness section was comprised of 25 questions, most of which were in statement format. Some questions which had multiple statements had more than one correct answer, in these questions students faced some problems. Mainly questions from this section were asked from the area of Geography, GK, Science, Business Economy and General Terminology etc. The overall section was not high difficulty level but can be said to be moderate – difficulty level. An attempt of 09 -12 questions and a score of 8 - 9 can be proved a good score.

(5) Essay Writing

In this section topic given for writing was - "Technology and Nature are Natural Enemies". In compare to previous years students found it easy because in recent time topics asked were used to be philosophical or abstract.But on the topic "Technology and Nature are Natural Enemies" it is expected from students to write including all angle of topic with a judicious conclusion.

Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) - 2016 Cutoffs (sectional & Overall)

Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) percentile is totally based on the score of paper - 1 only. The performance in paper 2 is considered at further stage of selection process by concerned institutions. While XLRI, SP Jain and XIMB have sectional and total cutoffs, almost all other institutions using XAT score for short listing students for their MBA program do it on the basis of the total XAT score only.

Till last year, for XLRI, a double digit score in each section and an overall score of 28-30 was usually sufficient to clear all cut off (95%ile for BM). This year with the extra 30 minutes this should go up. Since the extra time would be utilized mainly in QADI and DM, the cutoffs for these two sections could go up.

For a final conversion one should preferably have a score of 98%ile because XAT score has a 65% weight in the final score. The components of the balance 35% are 5% for work experience, 10% each for GD and Interview and 10% for Academics, Essay and GK,

Percentiles are calculated only on the basis of the three sections of Aptitude (QADI, VLA and DM).  While XLRI short lists students on the basis of their percentile scores in the aptitude section only but usually candidates with a very low GK score usually do not make it to the final list of XLRI.  GK and Essay scores are considered only by XLRI and that too at the interview stage. Other XAT institutes ignore (or do not have) the Essay and GK scores and short-list candidates for the interview only on the basis of the aptitude percentile score only.

Xavier Aptitude Test(XAT) – 2016 Expected cut off marks

Here we are giving expected cut off marks for Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) – 2016, these marks are not official but based on the view of some experts cut off marks can be following;

XAT 2016 Overall expected Cutoff Marks:

  • Business Management - 94.23
  • Human Resource Management - 90.04
  • Global MBA Programme - 90.04
  • General Management - 67.98

XAT 2016 Business Management (BM) Expected Cut-Off Marks:

  • BM - 78.41
  • Decision Making - 81.06
  • Quant & DI - 90.58

XAT 2016 Human Resource Management (HRM) Cut-Off Marks:

  • HRM programme - 86.49
  • Decision Making - 79.09
  • Quant & DI - 72.44

XAT 2016 Global MBA Expected Cut-Off Marks:

  • Global MBA programme - 78.41
  • Decision Making - 76.95
  • Quant& DI - 80.86

XAT 2016 General Management (GM) Expected Cut-Off Marks:

  • General ManagementProgramme - 45.29
  • Decision Making - 43.29
  • Quant & DI - 61.48

Overall Assessment

Overall examination was moderate to difficult level for the students who attempted the test with judicious time management& patience may expect a high percentile score. An attempt of 54 to 62 questions with less incorrect attempts may expect a call from leading management institutions.

Aspirants can get a seat in the preferred B schools on the basis of their score in XAT – 2016, as XAT is considered to be second prestigious entrance exam after CAT in the management area of study. So participants those did not get desired score in CAT – 2015 may get entry on the basis of their performance in Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) – 2016.

On the basis of overall analysis it can be said that, XAT - 2016 was not easy but also not beyond he level of CAT. Student who take it with patience and good time management strategy definitely will be getting desired score.

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