Your complete guide to become a Web Developer!

As a student, you have been fostering a dream to becoming a web developer but didn’t get the ways to realise the dream. Then, follow what we are suggesting in complete guide.

Your complete guide to become a Web Developer!
Your complete guide to become a Web Developer!

With the boom in the digitalisation, noweveryone can access the different websites, catering news, views, entertainment stuffs, and knowledge about different cultures, science, technology, and others on their smatphones. A web developer- develops the entire web page – give look and feel to the website in a way that it could attract maximum number of readers.

To know all you need to know about a Web Developer, keep the reading continue as here, we have enlisted the ways to becoming a Web Developer.

What is Web Development?

The course of the actions which are required for framing, structuring, and developing a website for hosting via intranet or the internet is referred as Web Development. This is an complex process which includes web designing, web content development, client-side/server side scripting and network security configuration and other course of actions. 

In other words, it’s coding or programming which enables websites to function in accordance with needs and preferences of the owner. The non design aspects of building websites is dealt by the web developer. This includes coding, writing mark-up. 

What does a Web Developer do? 

A Web Developer designs, encodes, and modifies the websites, in accordance with specifications of the clients. Besides this, a web developer does his/her best to organise visually engaging and appealing sites which feature user-friendly design and good navigation.

Front-end web developers

On a website, you see what a front-end wed developer does for making it more users friendly. A front-end-web-developer develops the users’ side of the website and tries to ensure that the website looks appealing, engaging, and good and is making sense to its users. To do this, a web developer must know the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.  

Back-end web developers

The back end web developers get server connected to database and server to the website. The focus of a back end web developers is always preferably on security and server performance. Besides this, they ensure that the moving pieces work smoothly. In this process, they use PHP, Ruby, Python, and other server-side languages.

What skills and qualification are required to become a Web Developer?

The employers preferably hire the professionals who are having a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field. The coursework comprises programming, database management, mathematics, Web design and networking.

To become a Web Developer, you must know the Web Programming, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, E-Commerce. Apart from these, you need to have skills and knowledge of good Verbal Communication, Web User Interface Designing (UI), Security Principles, Object-Oriented Design, Web Services (REST/SOAP), Multimedia Content Development, API's etc.

How much a Web Developer can earn?

As a Web Developer, you can earn an average salary of Rs. 272,654. After due experience in the field, you can earn a more than what a web developer earn during the initial day of his/her career. Besides the salary growth, most of the Web Developers move on to other positions after having the more than 10 years of experience.

How to begin you career as Web Developer?

After pursuing bachelors in computer science or computer related field, there are so many options to make a good start. The most traditional way to build career as a Web Developer is joining the field as an intern and subsequently occupying post as Web Developer. Here’re the some other tips for becoming a Web Developer spending less time.  

Begin building you own websites in accordance with your interest.

To sharp your programming skills, start participating in coding contests are been organised on many websites such as CodeChef, Hacker Noon and HackerEarth.

Join hackathons and begin trying your hands on new projects, competing with other Web Developers.

Take some interesting freelance work once you gain confidence on your skills as a Web Developer.

GitHub- an essential platform for every Web Developer- makes you able to save your code online and lets other to see what have you changed. It also allows discussing the issues with your code with other developers.  

Always try to keep yourself updated with the new features, trends, and methods which are being introduced or developed. For this, you can follow the blogs like Tutorialzine, DeveloperDrive, and Tuts+.


Almost every one of us comes across several websites which cater news, information, features, opinion, tech information, suggestions and others. The look of these websites appeals us to read or see the contents and gets us engaged. This personal who plays behind the gallery developing the most appealing, engaging and user’s friendly websites will always remain at helm of digital world. Through this article, we have tried to provide a complete guide to those who want to try their luck as Web Developer.

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