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Chhattisgarh came into sight as a new state of India on November 1, 2000 and this is how old the testimony of the Chhattisgarh Police as a split unit is.
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Chhattisgarh came into sight as a new state of India on November 1, 2000 and this is how old the testimony of the Chhattisgarh Police as a split unit is. Customarily, Chhattisgarh has been a very tranquil tribal belt. Yet, the extension of Naxalism in the intricate and hilly terrain of Chhattisgarh poses a huge confront to the development and enforcement agencies today. Since instigation, 6 new-fangled revenue districts viz., Kanker, Dantewada, Kabirdham, Narayanpur, Bijapur and Koriya have been stamped out to supplement the organizational efficiency, making an overall of 18 districts in the State. Surajpur and Balrampur have been given separate individuality of police districts to efficiently deal with the predicament that has accomplished substantial proportions in recent times.


Efforts in Action

Anusuchit Janjati Kalyan : A Focused Approach On Tribal Protection

 Chhattisgarh has a considerable population of scheduled castes and Scheduled Tribes who have continued to be cut off from the mainstream since decades. Most of them existed in wretched poverty under sub - human conditions and were subjugated by the society ordinarily. With the surfacing of social - justice as a main notion in our democratic polity, previous laws relating to the deprived classes were analyzed and more sanctioning social enactments were initiated by the legislature. At the same instance, the accountability of police began to be envisioned, not as mere enforcement tool, but as the representatives of social transformation. As a result, it was enjoined on police to play a more crucial role in the execution of social laws.


Chhattisgarh Armed Police : In Pace With Global Policing

 With the mounting use of methodical technology, multifarious and professional urban based problems, the police had to make analogous organizational enhancements, furnish with trained manpower and make industrial advancements accustomed with the changing times. The preliminary step in this course was endorsement of Special Armed Force Act in the year 1968. This act has extraordinary provisions for improved punitive control of armed personnel.


State Crime Record Bureau : An Effort Towards Computerization

 The victory of any Organization, mainly the Police Department, exceedingly depends upon the genuine records it hold and the level of information management it maintains. These crime records are also required to be computerized with the introduction of computer technology to make the information available at appropriate time and initiate best possible decisions. As element of the countrywide program of computerization of offense records, the state police recognized its computer division which is also forenamed as the State Crime Record Bureau. Consequently all districts were abounded with computers to carry their crime records by computer method. State Crime Records Bureau is working autonomously under National Crime Records Bureau to convey the information and records when required.


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