Chola Dynasty: History, Origin & Rulers of one of the largest empires in Indian History

Chola Dynasty rulers, history, origin, and other details of one of the largest empires in Indian history are given below. Check here.
Chola Dynasty
Chola Dynasty

Chola Dynasty UPSC: Chola Dynasty was one of the most prominent ones which had a major impact on the social, economic, and cultural configurations that evolved post-Chola empire. Cholas ruled for more than 1,500 years which made them among the longest-ruling dynasties in world history. Cholas, being among the greatest dynasties to rule Southern India, the contributions of the Chola Dynasty to the Tamil Culture and Indian History are nothing but remarkable.

Check the history and origin of Chola Dynasty and the rulers of one of the most significant empires in India.

Chola Dynasty: Origin

The reign of the Cholas commenced back in the 9th Century when they defeated the Pallavas to come into power. The rule by Cholas stretched over 5 long centuries until the 13th century, making it one of the longest-ruling empires in the Southern part of India.

There is very little written evidence of Cholas before the 7th Century BC and the main source of information about Cholas is the ancient Tamil Literature of the Sangam Period. A commonly held view of Chola is like Pandya and Chera which are the names of the ruling family. The Cholas are also mentioned in the Ashokan Edict, who, though not subject to Ashoka, was on friendly terms with him.

Chola Dynasty: What is the History of powerful empire?

The history of Cholas fall into four periods:

1. The Early Cholas of the Sangam Literature

2. The interregnum between the fall of the Sangam Cholas and the rise of the imperial medieval Cholas under Vijayalaya,

3. The dynasty of Vijayalaya

4. The Later Chola Dynasty of Kulothunga Chola I from the third quarter of the 11th century.

The early periods of Chola Dynasty saw the onset of Sangam Literature and Kantaman is known to be one of the most prominent rulers of this era. The medieval period of the Chola Dynasty, under the governance of Aditya I and Parantaka I was proven to be an era of the absolute power and development of the Chola Empire.

Rajendra Chola and Rajaraja Chola further expanded the kingdom into the Tamil Region. They also successfully invaded the cities of the Srivijaya empire, based on the island of Sumatra. Later, Kulothunga Chola of the powerful empire conquered Kalinga to establish a strong rule.

Chola Dynasty Rulers

Vijayalaya Chola founded the Chola Dynasty. He took over the Tanjore Kingdom in the 8th century and further laid the foundation stone of one of the most prominent empires known in Indian History. Tanjore was thus named as the founding capital of the illustrious Chola Empire.

After the reign of Vijayalaya Chola, the Chola Empire fell into the hands of Aditya I and his successor. This period was particularly known as the era of power and development for Cholas and was considered the Medieval Chola period.

Chola Dynasty saw many prominent rulers who contributed greatly to making it one of the most prominent empires in the country. Some of the rulers are:

Rulers Ruling Period
Vijayalaya Chola 848-871
Aditya I 871-907
Parantaka Chola I 907-950
Gandaraditya 950-957
Arinjaya Chola 956-957
Sundara Chola 957-970
Uttama Chola 970-985
Rajaraja Chola I 985-1014
Rajendra Chola I 1012-1044
Rajadhiraja Chola 1018-1054
Rajendra Chola II 1051-1063
Virarajendra Chola 1063-1070
Athirajendra Chola 1067-1070

Decline of Chola Dynasty

The Cholas, under Rajaraja Chola III and later his successor Rajendra Chola III were weak and therefore started experiencing trouble. The downfall of the Chola empire also began with the loss of influence on Srivijava after they lost most of their overseas territories. However, some of Southern India was ruled by the Cholas till the late 12th century, however, the beginning of the 13th century brought the Pandyan Dynasty into power which ultimately led to the downfall of the Chola Empire.

10 Interesting Facts about Chola Dynasty


What is Chola Dynasty Time Period?

Chola Dynasty is known to be established in 300 BC and it was destablished 1279 CE.

Who was the famous king of Chola Dynasty?

Rajaraja- I was known to be the greatest ruler of Chola dynasty. He defeated Cheras at Thiruvananthapuram to control the trade with Arabs.

What was the Capital of Cholas?

Thanjavur (Tanjore) was the capital of Cholas. Vijayalaya was the founder of the Chola Empire.

When did the Chola Dynasty end?

Chola Dynasty ended in 1279.
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