Do you know Women have more active brain than Men

One research has shown that women's brain is more active than men. In this article, we will study about the experiment of the researchers that why women have more active brains than men.
Why Women have more active brain than Men
Why Women have more active brain than Men

According to a new research, the brain is much more active in women than in men. This can help in concluding that women are more sensitive to anxiety, depression, insomnia and eating disorders. According to a study in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, the researchers used a special type of CT scan and it was also studied by the scientists of the Amen Clinic in California, which is the largest brain imaging survey so far. They studied more than 46,000 data of nine clinics and analyzed the differences between men and women brain. It showed how brain disorders affect men and women differently.
For example, women have more chances of having Alzheimer's disease, Depression and Anxiety Disorders, whereas in men proper hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and behavioural disorders are found. Through this article, you will learn how brain is more active in women than in men.
Why women brain is more active than men
1. Women's brain has been found to be significantly more active than men, especially in two areas - the prefrontal cortex associated with focus and impulse control, and limbic system which is associated with mood and anxiety.

2. Some parts of the brain are more active in men: especially the visual part of the brain and the coordination center.

3. Through the technique SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) it can be detected how blood flows to the brain.

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4. As, compared to men, healthy women do not have any particular changes in the brain (p <0.01) but ROI (Region of Interest) is increased by 65 baseline and 48 concentration areas (P <0.01 right). For this reason, women mostly work with concentration and interest. Healthy men have recorded a significant increase in 9 and 22 areas respectively.

5. In clinical groups, especially in women, an increase in prefrontal and limbic areas has been found and in crus 2 parts of inferior occipital lobes, inferior temporal lobes, lobule 7 and cerebellum a comprehensive increase has been found in men.

6. Women have more chances of having Alzheimer's disease, depression and Panic disorder because women have more blood flow in the prefrontal cortex than men. Due to these reasons, it has been found that women have more qualities like empathy, intuition, participation, self-control and proper time care.

7. Even according to a research, it has been found that women need sleep more than men - about 20 minutes more in the night so that they can look fresh again.

8. The study by the scientists of the Max Planck Institute in Germany in 2016, it was found that women had to sleep for more time to restore brain power.

At last we can conclude that according to the study of the researchers, it is found that as compared to men, the prefrontal cortex of the brain and the limbic system causes the excessive flow of blood in the brain, due to which the fluid content is also high and so, women brain is more active than men. That is why they mostly do every work with proper concentration and interest. Their intuition, self-control, etc. is even more powerful.

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