GK Questions and Answers on Carbon and its Compounds

Carbon is a non-metal having atomic number 6 and mass number 12. It is placed in group IV A or group 14 in a periodic table. Questions and Answers on Carbon and its compounds will help in the preparation of several competitive exams as well as makes it will increase your knowledge.
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GK Quiz on Carbon and its Compounds
GK Quiz on Carbon and its Compounds

Compounds that are made up of hydrogen and carbon atoms only are known as hydrocarbons. The natural source of hydrocarbons is petroleum. The atom or group of atoms which determines the properties of a compound is known as functional group for example alcohol, aldehyde, alkene, alkyne etc.

1.What is the common name of ethanoic acid?    
A.Acetic acid    
B.Formic acid    
C.Propionic acid    
D.Butanoic acid    
Ans. A

2.What type of flame is produced when the oxygen supply is sufficient?
A.Yellow flame    
B.Blue flame    
C.Orange flame    
D.None of the above    
Ans. B

3.Which of the following is the chemical property of carbon compounds?
A.Combustion reactions    
B.Substitution reactions    
C.Addition reactions    
D.All of the above
Ans. D

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4.The cooking gas (LPG) mainly consists of:
Ans. A

5.The reaction in which an unsaturated hydrocarbon combines with another substance to give a single product is called:    
A.Addition reaction    
B.Combustion reaction    
C.Combination reaction    
D.Substitution reaction
Ans. A

6.What is the boiling point of ethanol?    
A.100 degree C    
B.50 degree C    
C.88 degree C    
D.78 degree C
Ans. D

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7.Which of the following is used as a fuel in cars along with petrol?    
Ans. D

8.What is formed when ethanol reacts with ethanoic acid on warming in the presence of a few drops of concentrated sulphuric acid?    
C.Sodium Ethoxide    
Ans. A

9.Which of the following is a use of ethanol?     
A.Manufacturing paints    
B.In cough syrups    
C.In alcoholic drinks    
D.All of the above
Ans. D

10.What is used as an antiseptic to sterilise wounds and syringes in hospitals?    
B.Ethyl alcohol    
Ans. B     

Therefore, we come to know that Carbon and its compounds are used in manufacturing paints, cough syrups, as an antiseptic, fuel in cars etc.

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