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Nutrition in plants means that plants also prepare it own food and require energy for its metabolic activities with the help of photosynthesis. That is why plants are autotrophic. This article deals how nutrition takes place in plants and what all components are essential for the photosynthesis to takes place in the form of descriptive question and answers for better understanding.
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Nutrition is the process of breaking complex food material into simpler ones and produces energy. Plants also need food and energy for various metabolic activities. We all know that plants are autotrophic and synthesize their own food by the process of photosynthesis.

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‘Photo’ means ‘light’ and 'synthesis' means ‘to build’. Thus photosynthesis means ‘building up by light’. Therefore, plants require energy to prepare its own food. This article deals how nutrition takes place in plants and what all components are essential for the photosynthesis to takes place.
1. How green plants prepare their food?
Ans. Green Plants prepare their own food with the help of the process known as Photosynthesis.
2. In which part of the plant photosynthesis occurs?
Ans. The Process of photosynthesis takes place in the green leaves of a plant.

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3. Which pigment is present in the leaves of the plant which help in photosynthesis?
Ans. Chlorophyll pigment is present in tiny organelles called chloroplasts inside the photosynthetic cells of leaves.
4. Why leaves of plants are green in colour?
Ans. The green colour of plant leaves is due to the presence of chlorophyll pigment.
5. What is photosynthesis?
Ans. The process by which green plants make their own food like glucose from carbon dioxide and water by using sunlight energy in the presence of chlorophyll is called photosynthesis.

6. Describe the conditions necessary for photosynthesis to take place?
Ans. The conditions necessary for photosynthesis to take place are sunlight, chlorophyll, carbon dioxide and water.

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7. After photosynthesis, plants consume glucose and extra glucose is stored in the form of?
Ans. The extra glucose is changed into another food called starch. This starch is stored in the leaves of the plant.
8. During photosynthesis explain the conversion of energy that took place in plants?
Ans. The green plants convert sunlight energy into chemical energy by making food as carbohydrates and splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen by light energy.
9. If plant is kept in the dark, photosynthesis will not take place. Then how much time plant will take to use all the starch present in them?
Ans. In the absence of sunlight plant will not be able to prepare it food and  so, will use the starch already stored in the leaves of plants during respiration in about three days time.
10. How will you test that green leaves make starch as food?
Ans. With the help of Iodine solution we can test whether starch is present in leaves or not. Put iodine solution on the leaves and if they will turn blue-black in colour means starch is stored in the leaves.


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