GK Questions & Answers on Photosynthesis in Plants Set I

22-NOV-2016 16:36

    Photosynthesis is a process through which plants prepare its own food in the form of glucose from carbon dioxide and water in the presence of sunlight. Here we are giving Questions and Answers on Photosynthesis in Plants Set I which consists of 10 MCQs to make you understand the process of photosynthesis, its importance, role of chlorophyll in photosynthesis process, what kind of reaction is photosynthesis etc. which are also important for various exams like UPSC-PT, State-PSC, SSC (10 & 10+2), Railway etc.

    1. In photosynthesis dark reaction, is called so because-

    A. It occurs in dark.

    B. It does not require light energy.

    C. It cannot occur during daytime.

    D. It occurs more rapidly at night.

    Ans. B

    2. Rate of photosynthesis does not depend upon:

    A. Quality of light

    B. Intensity of Light

    C. Duration of Light

    D. Temperature

    Ans. C

    3. For photosynthesis green plants require:

    A. Chlorophyll only

    B. Light

    C. Carbon dioxide and water

    D. All of the above

    Ans. D

    4. Photosynthesis is a _____ process.

    A. Catabolic

    B. Anabolic

    C. Exothermic

    D. Metabolic

    Ans. B

    5. Name the pigment which is responsible for absorption of light in plants?

    A. Chlorophyll

    B. Stoma

    C. Xylem

    D. Phloem

    Ans. A

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    6. In bacteria name the colour of light which is responsible for photosynthesis?

    A. Ultra-Violet

    B. Blue

    C. Red

    D. None of the above

    Ans. C

    7. Quantasomes are found in:

    A. Cristae of mitochondria

    B. Thylakoid membrane of chloroplasts

    C. Nucleus membrane

    D. Lysosome

    Ans. B

    8. Name the metal present in chlorophyll ‘a’ and ‘b’?

    A. Iron

    B. Copper

    C. Magnesium

    D. Manganese

    Ans. C

    9. Name the structural unit of photosynthesis?

    A. Thylakoid

    B. Grana

    C. Stroma

    D. Chlorophyll

    Ans. A

    10. Which of the following statements are true regarding Photosystems?

    A. Photosystems are arrangements of chlorophyll and other pigments packed into thylakoids.

    B. Many Prokaryotes have only one photosystem.

    C. Both A and B are correct.

    D. Only A is correct.

    Ans. C

    Therefore, Photosynthesis is an Oxidation-Reduction reaction which takes place in two steps; light reaction and dark reaction. With the help of Question and Answers we have tried to cover the whole process and also we come to know how light energy is converted into chemical energy.
    It can be explained via equation also:
    6Co2 + 12 H2O -----> C6H12O6 + 6O2 + 6H2O

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