GK Quiz on Fats

Fats are essential macronutrients that are necessary for many body functions. Let us learn more about fats through various questions.
GK Quiz on Fats
GK Quiz on Fats

GK Quiz on Fats: Fats are molecules with the highest energy as compared to carbohydrates and proteins. Learn more about fats by attempting this quick quiz now. 


1. Which of the following has the highest calorific value?

a) Proteins

b) Fats

c) Vitamins

d) Carbohydrates

Answer: b

Explanation: Fats have the highest calorific value among all macronutrients. 1 gm of fat provides 9 calories.


2. High dietary cholesterol is caused due to?

a) Unsaturated fats

b) Vitamins

c) Saturated fats

d) None of these

Answer: c

Explanation: Saturated fats are the main cause of high levels of cholesterol in the body.


3. Which of these is a good source of healthy fat?

a) Butter

b) Avocado

c) Beef

d) Potato

Answer: b

Explanation: Avocado is a great source of healthy fat with 80% of avocados consisting of healthy fat.


4. Which of the following is monounsaturated fat?

a) Walnut Oil

b) Canola Oil

c) Soybean oil

d) Sunflower oil

Answer: b

Explanation: Canola Oil is a monounsaturated fat while all other oils mentioned above are polyunsaturated in nature.


5. Which among these is a trans fatty acid?

a) Almond

b) Beef

c) Butter

d) None of these

Answer: b

Explanation: Beef is a source of trans fatty acid.


6. What is the function of body fat?

a) Helps in circulation

b) Protects against free radicals

c) Storing of energy

d) None

Answer: c

Explanation: Fats are considered a storehouse of energy in biology. Fats can be found on adipose tissue


7. Where is the most unhealthy place to have too much body fat?

a) Hips

b) Legs

c) Belly

d) Hands

Answer: c

Explanation: Belly fat is the most unhealthy fat which increases the risk of stroke, cardiovascular issues, and Type 2 diabetes.


8. Where are Fats stored in the human body?

a) Blood

b) Bones

c) Cartilages

d) Adipose Tissue

Answer: d

Explanation: In humans, fats are stored in adipose tissue.

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