GK Quiz On NASA’s DART Mission

NASA’s DART spacecraft has successfully altered the path of asteroid Dimorphos after the collision. Here is a GK quiz to test your knowledge of the successful mission.
GK Quiz On NASA’s DART Mission
GK Quiz On NASA’s DART Mission

On Sep 26, 2022, NASA’s DART crashed into the tiny moonlet Dimorphos of the asteroid system Didymos. 

The DART spacecraft was successful in altering the orbit of the target asteroid Dimorphos. 

A new era in science has begun as a result of DART's triumph. 

We have been given a fighting chance to change the path of any potentially harmful asteroids that may be headed our way in the future and prevent a repeat of what happened 65 million years ago. 

To commemorate the success of NASA’s DART mission, here is a GK quiz for you. 

GK Quiz On NASA’s DART Mission

  1. What does DART stand for?
  1. Double Asteroid Redirection Test
  2. Dimorphos Asteroid Redirection Test
  3. Direct Asteroid Redirection Test
  4. Double Asteroid Reflection Test
  1. When was the DART satellite launched into space?
  1. 23rd November 2021
  2. 24th November 2021
  3. 22nd November 2021
  4. 25th November 2021
  1. What was the speed at which the DART satellite hit the asteroid?
  1. 15,000 mph
  2. 16,000 mph
  3. 14,000 mph
  4. 13,500 mph
  1. Where was the DART satellite built?
  1. Brookhaven National Laboratory
  2. Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
  3. Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
  4. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  1. What is the cost of DART?
  1. $321.6 million
  2. $321.4 million
  3. $321.8 million
  4. $324.5 million

GK Quiz Answers

1. Double Asteroid Redirection Test

 NASA developed the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (abbreviated to DART) to test whether the powerful kinetic impact of the satellite can assist in diverting an asteroid that poses a threat to Earth.

2. 23rd November 2021

NASA’s DART mission probe (Double Asteroid Redirection Test), the first of its kind to go on a suicide mission to save the planet was launched on November 23, 2021.

3. 14,000 mph

The DART satellite successfully crashed into the asteroid Dimorphos at the speed of 14,000 miles per hour (22,530 kilometers per hour) on September 26, 2022.

4. Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

The satellite was built by the Johns Hopkins Physics Lab, which is a university-affiliated space center in Howard County, Maryland. 

5. $324.5 million

 The mission cost NASA $324.5 million. $308 million was spent on the development of the satellite. The rest of the money was spent on the launching of the space probe into space. 

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