If You Have A Sweet Tooth You Have To Solve This Brain Teaser And Get Your Candy!

This brain teaser is for sweet tooths only. Get your candy by identifying which string is attached to the lollipop.
If You Have A Sweet Tooth You Have To Solve This Brain Teaser And Get Your Candy
If You Have A Sweet Tooth You Have To Solve This Brain Teaser And Get Your Candy

Now that Halloween is over, it’s time to open your satchel of sweet offerings. Candies, chocolate bars, are lollipops will always be everyone’s favorite, no matter how old you are. 

The day of tricks and spooks has passed and it’s time to treat yourself. 

But wait!

One of your lollipops seems to be missing. 

Where could it be?

Let’s look around and aha! Found it! 

Oh, but there’s a trick. You will get your missing lollipop only if you can solve this brain teaser. 

Are you ready?


Let’s begin.

If You Have A Sweet Tooth You Have To Solve This Brain Teaser And Get Your Candy!

Take a good look at the image below. 


Source: Buzzfeed.com

Your missing lollipop is attached to a string, but which string is it? If you want your candy back, you have to solve this brain puzzle. 

Can you identify the correct string to which the lollipop is attached?

Yes, you can. We believe in you. 

Let’s make this a little bit more challenging for you. 

You have to identify the correct string within 5 seconds. 

And your time starts now.

All the best!

This brain teaser is for kids and adults alike. After all, you are never too old to have fun. 

While you brainstorm the answer, here is a fun fact:

It has been proved by many studies that solving brain teasers on a regular basis can make you smarter. 

Wow, but how? 

Well, brain teasers are known to improve cognitive functioning, and enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Also, as an added bonus, they help refresh your mind and give you a much-desired break, breaking monotony. 

What a win-win situation! 

Uh-oh! The clock’s ticking!

Have you solved the brain teaser yet?

This is tough, we know. 

Let us give you a hint. 

Brain Teaser Hint: Pay special attention to the colors of the strings. 

3… 2… and 1! 

Time’s up.

We are going to reveal the answer to this challenging brain teaser now. 

However, if you want to solve this brain riddle without our help you are more than welcome to do so. Scroll down to check whether you have solved this riddle correctly or not. 

Brain Teaser Answer 

Earlier we gave you a hint to pay attention to the colors of the strings. If you look closely at the strings, you will find that the second string has a different color than the rest, which is also the same color as the string attached to the lollipop. 

So, the lollipop is attached to the second string. 


Source: Buzzfeed.com

Congratulations to those who were able to identify the correct string. For those who couldn’t, better luck next time. 

We hope you had fun solving this brain teaser. 

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